The Trafficking Victims Protection Act Essay

The Trafficking Victims Protection Act Essay

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Any country can come up with documents saying there are going implement these laws but down the road are they really keeping their end of the bargain? One of the more effective policies geared towards human sex trafficking was the Memorandum on Steps to Combat Violence Against Women and Trafficking in Women and Girls. Through this memorandum President Clinton was able to implement an increase awareness of human trafficking. He also made provision to protect the victims with the help of law enforcement to prevent women and girls from being trafficked as well as ensuring that traffickers are severely penalized. President Clinton success of this memorandum was that he not only ensured protection for the victim but also through law enforcement was able to persecute the traffickers. The Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA), which has been reauthorized four times, was enacted as a twofold: “to ensure just and effective punishment of traffickers, and to protect their victims.” (McReyonds) One of the major things that the TVPA 2003 enabled was “bring a civil action against the perpetrator in an appropriate district court of the United States” and to “recover damages and reasonable attorneys fees.” (McReyonds) This was a major success because it brought significant amount of public attention assuring the appropriations for anti-trafficking programs in the U.S as well as increase the federal humanitarian aid in specific areas including post- conflict situations. (McReyonds) The TVPA also creates a new and separate administrative path to legal residence for human trafficking victims through the T-Visa. This allows a trafficking survivor to continuing living in the U.S. for three years; during this time he or she has legal work authoriza...

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...organizations, NGOs, and businesses to eliminate the corruption in order for policies to be more effective and operational.
In comparison, many other countries have geared towards adopting policies that deal with human sex trafficking. The European Union’s tactic to trafficking begins from a gender and human rights perspective and focuses on prevention, prosecution of criminals and protection of victims. These ideals can be reflected in Directive on trafficking in human beings adopted on March 21, 2011. Much like U.S foreign policies dealing with human trafficking, the Directive focus is committing to the prevention of and fights against trafficking in human beings, and to the protection of the rights of trafficked persons. Within the Asian continent twenty-three out of the twenty-seven countries opt to adopt specific legislative provisions to fight human trafficking

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