The Trafficking Of The Human Trafficking Industry Essay

The Trafficking Of The Human Trafficking Industry Essay

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In today’s world, poverty has become an unwanted normal for hundreds of families all over the globe. Families in poverty have higher chances of being tricked into the human trafficking business, along with other reasons, because the parents and themselves will take any steps to put enough money together for their family to survive. The families can be in dozens of different situations. Nok needed to build up enough money to cover the bills. Nin was told she was going to work at the city of her dreams. This thrive for survival puts young girls into great danger, for instance Ama’s story of survival. At the time, she was sold into the trafficking industry at fifteen, but she wasn’t just sold into the trafficking business but a more particular part. Ama was tricked into the industry because she was told she was going to Thailand to work at a bar. In reality, she was entering one of the worst human trafficking industries, sex slavery. She and hundreds of others are tricked into trafficking,not just the sex slave industry but other types too. Just like the slave industry, sex slave industry, or child slave industry. The police are trying to stop the human trafficking industry, but, "There 's really no cookie-cutter mold for trafficking.” (Knight, par. 9). At the same time the Thailand 's efforts to stop human trafficking haven 't really show much effect. To fix the problem they have to take a variety of little steps hopefully solving the problem sooner rather than later. Hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children of human trafficking victims can not and will not stand up for themselfs for the fear of revenge of their old owners.

With numerous different causes of human trafficking, the effects come with the same countless barri...

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...for seven days a week” (“2011” 1). The women victims can “service up to thirty men a day” (“Sex Slavery” 1). These victims go through so much trauma they most likely “turn to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain.” (“Sex Slavery” 1). With all the situations they go through nothing can giving them back their lives.

Women, men, and children are threatened, beaten and raped daily by people from all over the world. Human-beings are sold like slaves and used for whatever they are needed for. The general public believes slavery ended years ago but in reality it still exists in today 's society. Human-beings in the industry are waiting to be saved by the government and the family they have, if they have any. At the same time, the government is taking baby steps toward fixing the problem and coming up with a solution. They are treated like dirt, and as if they have no feelings

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