Traditions and Customs of The Jewish Culture Essay

Traditions and Customs of The Jewish Culture Essay

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There are many different cultures that surround us everyday; each one with its own unique customs and lifestyles. The Jewish culture contains some of the oldest traditions and customs that date back thousands of years. This culture has survived everything from exile to almost being diminished during the Holocaust. The Jewish culture has a unique culture, that has much to share with the world around them.
Unlike some cultures, the Jewish are very open to others. Their general attitude is that they are above no one. The Jewish culture believes it is very important to be open, good hearted, and considerate to those around ("Culture and Customs"). The Jewish also have many different greetings they use in their everyday lives. The most common is “Shalom”, which means hello or goodbye ("Expressions and Greeings"). Since the sabbath day is very holy in the Jewish culture, wishing someone “savua tov”, would be to wish someone a good week after a sabbath service (“Expressions and Greetings"). There are a sundry amount of many other greetings that they Jewish use in conversation between one another. While the attitudes and greetings of the Jewish make up the general positive outlook of the culture, gestures also play a big part in their world. The use of hands in conversations is seen as adding meaning and excitement. Also, bowing and kneeling are seen as signs of respect and usually done during Jewish services (Telushkin). The attitudes, greetings, and gestures of the Jewish culture demonstrate the whole heartedness and considerate nature of their values and customs.
The diet of any culture is important to consider when looking at the lifestyles of others to fully understand how they live. The basic diet of the Jewish is termed koshe...

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