Traditional Teaching, Open Discussion and E-Learning Essay

Traditional Teaching, Open Discussion and E-Learning Essay

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Different stages of learning like the stages of human life are a continuum; the earlier stages of learning are the establishment of the higher stages of learning. All students have their own needs and capabilities when they are learning. Therefore, there are different ways of teaching to fit the students’ different capabilities. There are different teaching methods and three effective teaching methods are traditional teaching methods, open discussion, and e-learning.
The traditional forms of teaching include a formal classroom setting, books, lecture, notes, homework, and attendance. The traditional teaching method is one-way; the teacher lectures to the students and the students take notes. The students all have the classroom book that they read from and the teacher gives homework for the students to do. The teacher takes attendance every day and the students’ attendance affects the overall grade for the class. The advantages of this teaching method are; it is easy to teach many students at the same time, it is systematic, and it provides a basic approach to teaching. The disadvantages of this method are; the students may not get enough individual attention and the students may not learn the information with this method. This traditional teaching method is a good way to teach many students at the same time. However, some students might not feel comfortable asking questions in this setting. For this reason, some students might get behind or stop attending classes. One of the advantages of this formal teaching method is that it is systematic. It is an easy method to follow because it is a simple format; the teacher lectures and the students listen, the teacher gives homework and the students do it, and the teacher g...

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...the work is online and the students never meet each other. Also, it is easy for students to procrastinate or forget to check on the class if it is up to them to do the work on their own time (Astuquipán).
In summary, there are a variety of teaching methods being used today such as. All of these have their own advantages and disadvantages. Open discussion is the best teaching method because it makes the information more interesting for the students, it reinforces the information for them, it makes the information more understandable, and it allows the students to speak directly to other students and their teachers. E-learning and traditional teaching methods are also widely used but have their own disadvantages. It is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of all of these so students and teachers can choose the best method for their own lifestyles.

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