Traditional School is Better Than Home School

Traditional School is Better Than Home School

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Do you go to a traditional school or are you homeschooled ? If you are homeschooled why ? All kids should be going to a traditional school near them . Traditional school is a great way to get a career and good grades . Kids need to interact with other kids . . Traditional school is the place to be .

Traditional school is the best place for a kid to be because , traditional school is more on track of your learning . Traditional school is better for kids who want to get a good career . Home school is not the best place for a kid to get a good career because , you might not get the chance to learn all the things the people that go to traditional school learn . Also traditional school gives you tests and puts it on a website accessible by the students .

Some people might say that traditional school should be optional because , the kids can not leave the school unless the office calls your teacher in what ever class room you might be in and tells your teacher that the child aunt uncle mother or father are here to pick them up . That school is like a prison . Well they are partly true because you can not go out of the school unless the office calls and says your mother or father are here to pick you up . but that is because of your own safety .

Traditional school is also a very nice place for you to meet new friends . Probably the nicest place where you can meet new friends . There are all sorts of times where you can talk with new friends . There is reassess , tiger time , intramurals , lunch , on the bus even , paws , any kind of activity where you can just sit back and relax with your new friends. some kids might say kids do want to have friends but thats not true at all .

I have never seen a kid who does not want to have friends . Granted some kids just want to be left alone because , they had a bad day or , they have trouble at home , but never , “ I do not want to have friends” .

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. Also you can ask a teacher for Professional help instead of your parent .

Some people might say that there parent or parents are or were a teacher . If your parent was or is a teacher then that is ok but students should be able to interact with other students , and make new friends . Some people might say that traditional school should be optional because some students just do not like their bus routes , and it is the bus drivers fault for making them wait so long . The thing is whatever school district it is decided what the bus routes are and what order the people get home in so it is not really the bus drivers fault . Also people say traditional school is annoying because they have too many drills . The reason for that is that traditional school tries their best to keep you save . That is why they have the schools do stuff like , fire drills , tornado drills , Earthquake drills , extremely bad weather drills , lockdown drills , and lock and hold drills . I know that might seem kind of annoying but the school is just trying to keep you save .

So even though some people say that traditional school should be optional I think it should not because traditional school is a great place to get good grades and good careers . It is also a good place for a kid to make lots of new friends . Even though I think traditional school is the place to be , the decision on whether or not school should be optional is up to you .

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