Traditional Perspectives of Leadership and the Characteristics of a Great Man

Traditional Perspectives of Leadership and the Characteristics of a Great Man

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His highness sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, has pointed out to the Traditional Perspectives of leadership, the characteristics of the Great Man, these individuals who own these characteristics have a higher potential to become leaders in the future, they own special traits, behaviors and situational intelligence characteristics. Trait approach to leadership which assumes that leaders are born not made, these traits are summarized in polysemy words, 1) Drive: leaders are Initiative, ambitious, have high energy levels, strive for achievement and constantly seek improvement, 2) Motivation: these individuals desire to take the lead and strive for power, 3) Integrity: they are honest, credible and their actions match with what they say, 4) Self- confidence: They defeat challenges and boost confidence in others, they are able to reach out for solutions in tough situations, 3) Knowledge : Technically competent for working with products and services, and they are able to interpret information intelligently. Behavior approach leaders have high consideration for their followers and their concerns how leaders act around depending on different situations. It’s categorized into Task Performance by ensuring that the group is achieving goals in speed, accuracy, quality and adherence to rules. Group maintenance ensures that the teams is satisfied, focuses on appreciation and feelings of subordinates and decrease levels of stress in work environment and has good listening skills and take other people’s perspectives, Participation in decision making approach. Situational Approach that is affected by three factors- the Manager (forces of own values, sense of security, confidence in followers) the Subordinates ( knowledge and experience, rea...

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