Traditional Medicine And Conventional Medicine Essay

Traditional Medicine And Conventional Medicine Essay

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The most recent report by NHIS states, "that in the past 12 months more than one-
third (38.3 percent) of U.S. adult used some form of CAM therapies. CAM is defined as
by the NICH NCCAM as “a group of diverse medical and health care systems, practices,
and products that are not generally considered part of conventional medicine.” (Watkins,
Fernandez-Robles, Miller, Pine, & Stern, 2011).
Basically, complementary medicine is when unconventional medicine is combined with
conventional treatment for treatment, while alternative medicine is a substitute
for conventional medicine (Watkins, Fernandez-Robles, Miller, Pine, & Stern, 2011).
Although, the definitions of CAM are not universally agreed upon, it mostly include
chiropractic, acupuncture, diet and herbs, massage, mediation and yoga" (Watkins,
Fernandez-Robles, Miller, Pine, & Stern, 2011).
According to the NIHS, "40 percent of cancer patient use one form of CAM and 18
percent used multiple therapies some time during their illness. Among the most
individuals that used the based therapies (natural products and herbs) were cancer
patients (19.8 percent), Deep breathing exercise was the second most commonly used by
cancer patients (11.6 percent) in 2002 and (12.7 percent) used it in 2007. Mediation was
third most used by cancer patients, accounting for (9.4 percent)" Watkins, Fernandez-
Robles, Miller, Pine, & Stern, 2011).
"An estimated 15 million adults took prescription medications along with herbal remedies
or high-dose vitamins. The total annual out-of-pocket costs on CAM for the 12 past
months," according to the NHIS. (Institute of Medicine, 2005).
Despite clear evidence demonstrating the effectiveness of CMA therapies, many people
continue to use them for a va...

... middle of paper ...

...e than one
health condition. However, compared to non-users that may have one specific condition.
According to the study, "19.3 percent of adults did not use conventional care in the past
12 months. This equates to approximately 38.3 million adults. Of these, 38.4 percent had
some health need, with 23.8 percent having a chronic condition. Almost one-quarter of
those not using conventional care some form of alternative medicine, with 12.0 percent
reporting one or more health needs and using alternative medicine" (Nahin, Dahlhamer,
& Stussman, 2010).
The modality discussion displayed some outstanding benefits through statistics. The
statistics showed the number of people receiving care for their conditions. It discussed the
different modalities that are offer through CAM practice. For example, yoga, diet-based
therapies, mind-body therapies, hypnosis, etc..

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