Traditional Gender Roles in Media Essay

Traditional Gender Roles in Media Essay

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The role of women in media is based upon traditional gender roles and are seen as being empowered only sexually and through the use of their bodies. Males are depicted as dominate and controlling only relinquishing power to women before and during sex, but not after. The music video for the song “Candy Shop” by 50 Cent shows the nature of these relationships in popular culture.
The video begins with 50 Cent driving into the gates of a mansion in his sports car. When he enters the doors he is greeted by numerous women scandalously dressed. He then climbs the stairs in the foyer as he makes eye contact with the women. He sees Olivia and makes eye contact with her, then begins to follow her.
The camera then goes to 50 Cent in the driveway with his car, a place where he is in control. Back inside he enters a room to see a women seemingly enticing him into bed with her. She is seen as in control of the situation as 50 Cent does not much more than lie in bed.
The next scene is back outside of the front door, followed back inside by a women in nurse fetish wear that forces 50 Cent onto a hospital bed. Leaving the room he sees Olivia leading a dance along with other women. He walks down a hallway to find another women who takes off his shirt using a whip, exerting power over him. He approaches her and she caresses his chest with the blunt end of the whip. Outside again 50 Cent states that he is in control of the actions she is taking, but he fails to do so in the mansion among her presence.
Two women are seen in the bathroom inside. One is in the bathtub while the other pours chocolate sauce onto her with a pitcher. Olivia then communicates with 50 Cent through a painting while he continues to look for her. She e...

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... end in the drive through she is also an authority, stating she doesn't have time for 50 Cent's daydreaming.

This music video shows how relationships are defined in American culture and the interaction between genders during different stages of sexual contact. The text exhibits values that are demonstrated elsewhere, including withing Aftermath Entertainment. The text can be considered successful based upon its charting and work with a well known label.

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