Traditional Chinese Translation Theories : Translation Essay

Traditional Chinese Translation Theories : Translation Essay

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Traditional Chinese Translation Theories

Translation, oral or written, is probably as ancient person spoken or written word. Translation as defined the communication of the meaning of a source language text by the meaning of an equivalent target language text. In addition described the translation as an expression of a sense from one language to another language. However it is a multiple stages creative and process. Translation offers us the experience and attitudes of another culture or from traditional language to modern language. Such as a Traditional Chinese translation. While looking at traditional Chinese translation, social science; cultural and ethical values, that traditional Chinese translation is not necessarily enough reliable, its not only a “copy” work from the original source text; but it will sense to be that knowledge is different in different fields. “Chinese translation theory was born out of contact with the vassal state during the Zhou Dynasty”(form Wikipedia -Chinese Translation Theory). It developed in the context of Chinese literary and intellectual tradition also it universal of global language cultural. There are two main traditional translators are Yan Fu (1853-1921)and Dao an(314-385 AD). Yan Fu ‘s three main theories XIN” “DA” “YA” and Dao an’s two main theories Five Forms of Loss and Three Difficult . Firstly, the main purposes of Dao an and Yan Fu theory are: translator is a reader who should know the text and its social and cultural background. The translator should try to understand the original author’s feeling and thinking about life and the idea of the text. Hence the translator should give a complete transcript of the ideas from the original work. Secondly, looking at the bot...

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...ose theories,whether translations should be literal(word-for-word)or free( sense-for-sense) and adaptation. However the classical view of language based on principles of clarity, logic and elegance. Such as foreign text was to have considerable influence over scholars in modern times. Recently there has been increased interest in the west in Chinese discourse on translation, centred on the translation of the position of Yan Fu and Dao an. Those translators have built the cultural link between China and World. Translation has not just been translated, it is not word to word or sense to sense. Translator should have perfect understanding of both social language and target language, they should take the response to the audience. We cannot imagine a world without the translations of literary masterpieces from all countries.
That is the how real world cultural we know.

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