Traditional Chinese Medicine For Benefit Health Essay

Traditional Chinese Medicine For Benefit Health Essay

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The ancient practice of acupuncture, although related to the art of dim-mak, utilizes traditional Chinese medicine to benefit health. “[W]hat are known as dim mak points are really only acupuncture points, most of which are used every day by the practicing acupuncturist without causing death” (Montaigue and Madden). Acupuncture, however, uses a needle rather than the hand in order to more precisely affect the pressure point and allow for natural healing.
Acupuncture, like the practice of dim-mak, is a precise art, but it requires even more precision than the strikes of a pressure point fighter. To heal a patient’s ailments, the needles must be at a specific point, which only has a three millimeter diameter for leeway (Damdin Interview). Furthermore, the needles are inserted at a certain angle and must reach certain depths in order to affect the particular points. Depending on the pressure point, the needles must remain in the body for a specific amount of time to perform the healing, whether it be for a half an hour or withdrawn immediately after insertion. In following these precisions, the curative aspect of the pressure points can display its full effect, allowing the body to heal itself through its own strength and power.
In acupuncture, the mentality is to balance the flow of chi and the whole system of forces. “In response to individual symptoms, specific points were chosen for each needling treatment. By inserting needles into one or several points and by leaving them in situ for a certain length of time, the equilibrium of Yin and Yang was expected to be restored” (Montaigue and Madden). Through the needles, the body reacts to its problems more quickly, and chi flow is rebalanced; all other fo...

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Many patients of acupunctural treatments have experienced several positive effects. According to acupuncturist, Dr. Damdin, “Usually [patients feel] relaxed, and of course symptom relief, whatever symptom they’re experiencing. Most important thing is [that] no matter what [someone] come[s] for it’s very relaxing” (Interview). In many acupunctural treatments, practitioners often use Triple Warmer Seventeen as well as hundreds of other pressure points. By pricking this point behind the jaw (refer to Diagram Three), ear-related symptoms are alleviated, and problems of the gallbladder are also relieved (Damdin Interview). Both the gallbladder and the triple warmer meridians are in the Yang system, and both intersect at Triple Warmer Seventeen. Thus, problems concerning the gallbladder can be relieved due to the connection between the two meridians through this point.

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