Essay on Traditional and Gay Marriage

Essay on Traditional and Gay Marriage

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Although marriage is recognized legally, religiously, and socially by various groups of people, it has a central meaning. The widely accepted definition of marriage is the lifelong commitment of a man and a woman to each other, sanctioned by God and State, in order to bear children and obtain a companion. Traditional arguments state that the right to marry belongs to heterosexuals. Today, however, same-sex marriage has become a challenge to that theory and is positively redefining the way society views marriage.
The Government and religious institutions play a key role in the establishment and maintenance of a marriage. In order to be wed, couples typically obtain a marriage license, and soon after, celebrate by carrying out marriage traditions associated with their respectable religions. In spite of that, Cass R. Sunstein feels that “Marriage is no less and no more than a government licensing system…[which includes] a unique set of legal benefits.”(“The Right to Marry”) Homosexual couples should be allowed to enjoy the same privileges given to heterosexual couples, regardless of their sexual orientation.
Benefits enjoyed by legally married couples are extensive. These benefits include, but are not limited to, hospital visitation, family health coverage, taxation, inheritance funds, immigration privileges, and legal protection of assets in the case of a breakup.
State and local governments collect their share of benefits from marriage also. The government makes a profit every time a marriage license is bought. They also benefit from the marriage penalty – a higher tax paid by married couples, despite their income, that single individuals do not have to pay. (“The Federal Government’s War on Marriage aka the Marriage Penalt...

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