Traditional Advertising : Non Traditional Marketing Essay

Traditional Advertising : Non Traditional Marketing Essay

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Some forms of traditional advertising, like newspaper ads, have been around for over a hundred years. Advertising on other traditional media, like radio and television, became common in the 1960s. In the last 50+ years, tradition advertising has become the standard tactic by which most businesses engage with their audiences.
However, many marketers are now questioning the effectiveness of some of these channels. Direct mail has become increasingly expensive, while Tivo, Netflix and iPods have made it easy for consumers to skip right past the ads. On top of this, advertising budgets seem to be getting smaller while ad prices become more and more expensive. Is it any wonder that CMOs are looking for unique advertising strategies and channels?
What is Non-Traditional Marketing Exactly?
You most likely know what non-traditional advertising isn’t: it isn’t traditional advertising. Simple, right? But… what is it exactly? Simply put, non-traditional advertising is highly creative and uses unorthodox strategies with the goal of developing striking and memorable experiences that capture consumer interest. A lot of non-traditional marketing involves putting ads in unexpected or unusual places or displaying your messaging in ways that gets a lot of attention.
Why Consumers Respond to Non-Traditional Ads
People crave engagement, which is why they instinctively like non-traditional advertising and view it as more authentic and organic. There’s no denying that today’s consumer is more sophisticated and savvy, but definitely more skeptical and cynical as well. They are, by and large, immune to much of the ads that are hurtling at them every second of every day.
Benefits of Non-Traditional Advertising
Besides knowing your audience will most lik...

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...employ, it’s time to negotiate deals so you can star placing ads in some unusual places. The tricky part is, since you are most likely showing ads in laces they have never been shown before, you will need to be an artful negotiator. You may want to consider using a media buyer who has experience will placing non-traditional buys and let them negotiate with property owners on your behalf.
Step 4: Define Your Metrics
We’ve saved the most difficult step for last because, as we mentioned earlier, measuring non-traditional campaign success can be difficult. Whereas a direct marketing campaign has an obvious objective, typically make more sales, a non-traditional campaign may be deployed to facilitate a brand makeover or simply get some buzz created for a new product line. You’ll still need to do your best to determine what indicators you will use to measure.
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