Essay on Trade in the Iron Age

Essay on Trade in the Iron Age

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Distinguishing between the many diverse archaeological periods is typically done in two ways. The first way to differentiate between two periods is to notice if there is a clear boundary or separation among the archaeological remains. The second way is by looking at the periods from a historical standpoint, and noting any major historical event that led to a significant social and/or political change. Though there are other ways to do this, these are the two most common and useful methods. Both of these techniques make it possible to recognize the differences in archaeological time periods.
In Palestine, the transition from the Late Bronze to the Iron I period is marked by a noticeable “widespread destruction of the Canaanite city-states around 1200 BCE and the emergence of a number of new sociopolitical entities known to history as the Philistines, Israelites, Ammonites, Moabites, and Edomites” (Younker 367). Regardless of what the actual progression of events was that happened in the transition from the Late Bronze to the Iron I period, the result was that Canaan was divided into three major sociopolitical components. These components included the Philistines along the southern coast, Canaanites in the central and northern areas and inland valleys, and Israelites and other highlanders in the hill country.
There are many factors that played into the formation of cities and cultures in ancient Israel in Jordan. Perhaps one of the most important factors is trade. Trade influences cultures and helps define eras, and it impacts the architecture, pottery, etc. of a city. The role of trade in the Iron Age economy was important in that it offered up new opportunities for the people of the Iron Age. Trade allowed for transferal of idea...

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