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Trade Blocs And The Trade Bloc Essay example

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“Trading blocs appear to bring countries closer through economic integration Trade blocs may increase cross-border trade between participating countries, but sometimes they present obstacles to a more comprehensive international trade regime that would involve most of the world’s countries, not just a select few. Loss of sovereignty, interdependence and enforced concessions are a price too high.” - Martin Wolfe.

This quote written by Martin Wolfe expresses the feelings of an individual who is against trade blocs. This source suggests that there are very few benefits to a country joining a trade bloc, and instead the trade blocs are purely detrimental to the country and to the people living within the country. “Loss of sovereignty, interdependence and enforced concessions are a price too high.” the aforementioned excerpt from the source suggests that upon joining a trade bloc, countries will lose any and all independence and culture they previously had and will be forced into doing things that may not be in the countries best interest by means of the bigger countries involved in said trade bloc. “Involve most of the world’s countries, not just a select few.” Wolfe is stating that by joining a trade bloc, the country joins the rest of the world in a globalized economy where countries all over the world are connected to each other whether it be a direct connection or not. Those who disagree with Wolfe’s ideas may not see trade blocs as a bad thing, viewing them as a way to help support developing countries and a way to increase and encourage free trade between nations. Citizens inside a country that has benefited from trade blocs and continues to benefit from them may believe that Wolfe’s ideals stem from a tainted perspective on ...

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...such as Canada and the United States may become interdependent, however this is incorrect. Canada and the United States continue to have a large network of trade between countries outside of NAFTA and this is largely due to the fact that NAFTA has connected North America to the rest of the world, and helped to strengthen the bond between the three countries.

In conclusion, Wolfe is incorrect in his writing, using biased, over exaggerated and simply childish arguments to get his incorrect point across. The consequences that Wolfe has stated in his source do not represent the true consequences of trade blocs, and the source fails to mention any advantages other than increased trade between border, which even then isn’t discussed as much as it should be. Wolfe believes trade blocs are not worth the consequences, but in truth, the consequences don’t truly exist.

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