Essay on The TPAJAX Project: Taking Down The Political Regime of Mosaddeq

Essay on The TPAJAX Project: Taking Down The Political Regime of Mosaddeq

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Great Britain, an Ally-loyal nation in the Second World War, depended heavily on a priceless resource, oil, to immobilize its forces against the Axis powers. A place of interest for oil discovery was Iran, a jackpot of oil grounds ("Cold War Museum"). Realizing Britain may take over their oil fields, Iran elected its new prime minister, Mohammed Mosaddeq, to support the new law and nationalize its oil supply. Stepping up to defend its authority, Britain warns Iran with sanctions ("History of Iran: A Short Account of 1953 Coup"). Mosaddeq, a nationalist who is now in command, declines to back down from the position he holds. Because Mosaddeq was looking to improve the country and nationalize its oil production, the aggressive nation of Britain felt threatened, asking the United States elites of the C.I.A. to help in the takedown of the regime.
Iran was the center of oil discovery, drilling, and exportation in the Middle East, providing many countries with a priceless necessity. Surrounded by the chaos of a huge bonanza, the Anglo Iranian Oil Company (AIOC) was able to make billions off of its top competing export ("History of Iran: A Short Account of 1953 Coup"). The beginning of the 1950s proved that this company was a huge success for the country of Iran. It benefited approximately one hundred and seventy million pounds (regional currency) due to the amount of oil it had sold to interacting countries. Close to thirty percent of their revenue was achieved through the taxes that were applied to oil sales ("Overthrow of the Iranian Government"). According to the Cold War Museum, the income was brought in at the cost of Iranians who worked all day and night, to receive very little from the jackpots that the Anglo Iranian ...

... middle of paper ... the regime of Mohammed Mosaddeq, the C.I.A. was able to return home, confident in its first coup d’état operation. 
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