Toys, Deer, and Spiders Essay

Toys, Deer, and Spiders Essay

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Throughout my childhood, movies were an immense sense of escapism; however I did not realize this till now. Films ranging from the childish to the mature grabbed me at such a young age and decided to never let go. The different stages in my life (toddler, child, teenager, and early-adult) had a profound effect on my life as I experienced an assortment of unusual movies.
My toddler years consisted of Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, The Goonies, and Cinderella. I went to even greater heights as a toddler to wear out a Barney VHS Tape, more specifically Barney’s Great Adventure. When watching a movie for the first time as a toddler, you don’t notice certain details until your parent or someone else points them out. For me, this peculiar incident was the movie Bambi.
It was nearing the end of 1995 and I just turned four when my mother father decided to have a special movie night for when my dad came home. Mom had recently acquired Bambi but would not let me watch it the day she bought it. She told me, “Wait till your father gets home. He will really enjoy this movie.” The reason I wasn’t allowed to watch Bambi was because my dad was out of town for a week on a hunting trip with a friend. I just handled not seeing my father for a week as him working really hard to “put food on the table,” as he would tell me. He came in, along with his friend Bobby who helped him carry a cooler and their equipment to the kitchen.
What seemed like hours, we finally sat down in front of our television and popped in Bambi. Dad brought home hog, at least that’s what he told me, and we pressed play, stuffing our faces. As the movie progressed with the meeting of Thumper, my favorite character at the time, and Flower, I was genuinely happy. I laughed at th...

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...e fact that I grew up with Toy Story 1 and 2, Toy Story 3 brought out revelations I would never had realized if not for what happened in that movie and at that certain time of my life. The ending where Andy comes to appreciate his time with the toys by giving them to Bonnie showed me that I will be fine without the constant support from my parents. When Andy was packing up the toys and the items from his room made me aware of that fact that I am growing up and I will be heading into the next stage of life. The Toy Story trilogy encompassed the different stages of my life.
During anyone’s life time they see hundreds upon hundreds of films and in that course of seeing those films; they compare their life with those films. Even though I have only experienced nineteen years, I love the movies that have been associated with those crazy but rewarding nineteen years.

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