Toy Breed Dogs: Pugs

Toy Breed Dogs: Pugs

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Pugs are one of the biggest toys breed dogs. (Males, 12-14 Inches 13-20 Pounds, Females, 10-12 inches 13-18 pounds). The pugs are known for their small square shaped bodies and cute wrinkles. They have a heavy coat that sheds seasonally. They come in colors like apricot, black, and silver. Even though the pug being a small energetic dog may seem fun, they can be a challenge to take care of. So before a person can take home a pug he or she should know about their background, their attitudes, and especially their needs. “”.
The pug is thought to have come from Asia. (Life Expectancy 12-15 years.) They are one of the oldest breeds known to man and are believed to they made their way all the way around the world. Not only did they make their way around the world, but they became the royal dog of the “House of Orange” in Holland. “”. One of the pug’s talents was to be a guard dog. Even though the pug is small it doesn’t really bark or “yap” so if a pug is “yapping” there is a good chance that something is happening. “”.
Pugs can indeed catch colds easily and get stressed by not only hot but cold weather too. They are prone to allergies and their small snout contributes to chronic breathing problems and also makes pugs wheeze and snort. Now there eyes are a biggie, they need to be cleaned regularly and pugs are prone to weeping and getting cherry eye (Cherry eye is when the tear gland in the corner of the dogs eye sticks out abnormally) “”. You can't overfeed pugs either because they don't know when to stop they will keep eating and eating and become obese or “fat” and live shorter lives. “”. Pugs need to be exercised daily, and if you are walking with the pug and it starts to wheeze then you need to pick up your pug and walk home trying to avoid direct sunlight. And if you are walking the pug in the summer its best to avoid sunlight and walk in the shade as best as possible. Pugs need to learn to walk behind you as you walk because if they walk in front they will start to think that they are the leader of “the pack” and you can't let them think that because you must be the leader.

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If you don't have a yard that’s ok because pugs are very good apartment dogs. You could play games with the pug inside but if the pug begins to get too tired they will start to wheeze so immediately stop and calm the pug down.
Next, the pugs are a happy breed. They have that “Happy-Go-Lucky” attitude. They are also very loyal to their family. They are playful and can get a little out of control, but they are also very good with people and especially young children. This breed of dog is also very intelligent, and is also very sensitive to the tone in your voice. Because of this they don't need harsh yelling or punishment they just need to be told “No” and then get redirected. They pugs are a breed that need an owner that is confident and also consistent with the rules. If they don't have owners that are consistent with the rules they will start to display guarding behaviors (like guarding furniture, toys or areas of the house). If pugs see the opportunity they will try to “take over” or in a way try to show that they in charge.
In conclusion, it may be true that pugs are a big responsibility and a hassle with their health problems, and exercise routines. But there origin is very interesting as well. And finally they are just one of the best companions that anyone could ask for. “”.

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