Toward The End Of The Enlightenment Era Essay

Toward The End Of The Enlightenment Era Essay

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Toward the end of the Enlightenment Era, psychology was born. (Unit 8 Introduction.) Two early experimenters, Weber and Fechner, focused on the study of sensory abilities, later terming this study psychophysics. (Fechner Video.) Currently, this study includes the concepts of the absolute threshold, the terminal threshold and the difference threshold. (Hergenhahn & Henley, 2014.) The absolute threshold is the weakest stimuli people can perceive. Many examples of this concept includes the use of sound to prove that there are some levels of pitches that people may not be able to hear. In the real world, the absolute threshold exists in every modality. (Unit 8 Introduction.) The terminal threshold can be seen as the exact opposite of the scale. In other words, there are some stimuli so intense that we cannot actually sense them. Fechner tried this himself by looking at the sun, and from experience, the sun can be damaging to look at. (Fechner Video.) In our daily lives, our sensory abilities seem to exists in only the small range between the absolute threshold and the terminal threshold. This small range is referred to as the difference threshold. (Unit 8 Introduction.) The difference threshold is about how much change must occur before our senses notice the difference. It is easier to detect change in weak stimuli. (Hergenhahn & Henley, 2014.) It can be harder to detect a difference in strong stimuli, Fechner named this Weber’s law.
Weber’s law can be tested easily, and with many things that we have access to on a daily basis. For example, when listening to a car stereo, the music when starting with no sound, to when you can hear the sound, is very noticeable. (Weber’s Law Video.) It almost appears to be an all or none response wh...

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...ndt’s version of testing decision making would often consist of using introspection. A psychology based on introspection was difficult to defend. Two groups, Titchener and Wurzburg group, disagreed with one another. (Introspection Video.) These two groups in Structuralism engaged in an argument with no proven solution. As a result, a number of new schools arose, each having a different problem with Structuralism. The Behaviorists held the firm belief that introspection would never be a science. Functionalists wanted a school that was practical, putting their focus into education and individual differences. Psychoanalysts were interested in helping people who suffered from anxiety and depression. (Unit 8 Introduction.) These differencing views, along with others, lead to the death of Structuralism. There are now over ten schools of psychology. (Introspection Video.)

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