Essay about Tourism's Impact on Australia

Essay about Tourism's Impact on Australia

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Various definitions of tourism exist. Tourism is defined by Macmillan Online Dictionary as the business of providing services for those people travelling for holidays. Tourism has experienced continued growth over the years and diversification and has become one of the fastest growing economic sectors in the world. For countries like Australia, it has become one of the major contributing sectors in the economy generating large proportions of the national income and at the same time increase employment opportunities. The future is still bright for the industry in the country with possible future growth in expansion and diversification. The industry however has both the pros and cons impacts to various ranges of environments (Tourism Research Australia).

Tourism impacts can be generally classified into seven categories with each having both positive and negative impacts. These impacts include; economic, environmental, social and cultural, crowding and congestion, taxes, and community attitude. It is essential for a balance on array of impacts that may either positively or negatively affect the resident communities. Different groups are concerned about different tourism impacts that affect them in one way or another. Tourism’s benefits can be increased by use of specific plans and actions. These can also lead to decrease in the gravity of negative impacts. Communities will not experience every impact but instead this will depend on particular natural resources, development, or spatial patterns (Glen 1999).

Economic Impacts
Tourism has been described as a global activity with local implications. We are all aware of the tourism potential to boost economic diversity and growth within their regions. The decentralized nature of t...

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