Tourism Industry Of New Zealand Essay

Tourism Industry Of New Zealand Essay

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Tourism is an outstanding asset to all visitor target destinations and way of life .It is the leading
source of revenue for New Zealand through visitors and local tourists major contribution to the host destination economy. It is an important foreign exchange earner which grants the most income, jobs and growth as we depend on it .The report " The State of the Tourism Industry "produced by the Tourism Industry Association New Zealand and Lincoln University, appears in Tourism 2025, the New Zealand Strategic plan . The report asserts that the Tourism Industry of New Zealand is in a better position to benefit of growth opportunities and its report records a year of strong and continued growth, marked by a return to strong international growth for the first time since the Global Financial Crisis.

Tourism is considered as one of the most important and market commodities in the world. Accounting for more than 166,800 full time equivalent jobs worldwide and directly employs 4.7 % and indirectly employs 3.1% of the New Zealand workforce and an estimation of nearly 8.3% of total employment in New Zealand. The New Zealand government as a host destination is earning money through airport taxes , tourist taxes, increased export earnings and income tax revenue from employers working in the industry. Tourism employment is probably the most important social advantage of tourism . Tourism is not like many other export industries, international visitors spending money on New Zealand goods and services help to boost more money to our economy as
for domestic people purchased the same thing is not counted as international expenditure.The Tourism Industry can be divided into two different categories. These are Domestic and International to...

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...mestically. Tourism generates travel spending by international visitors including our top five markets , local New Zealanders, and business and government travellers. It is a very critical way of getting money for many countries. It make income through visitors expenditure in our country 's goods and services. Some of the services as mention above include cruise ships and inbound international airline seats as the transportation services, education services for international student , and other tourism services which involved creating a positive experiences for tourists to repeat visitations .

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