Tourism Industry, Characteristics And Importance Of The Hospitality Industry

Tourism Industry, Characteristics And Importance Of The Hospitality Industry

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Task 1 Describe the size, scope, growth and economic importance of the hospitality industry
LO 1.1- Describe the history of the hospitality industry, characteristics and importance of the hospitality industry.
The hospitality industry has developed continuously over the decades .The history of the hospitality and tourism industries are strongly linked, starting back when people started to travel for business, traced back to as early as 3000BC in Egypt.
Knowles (1996:2) describes the hospitality industry as ‘any combination of the three core services of food, drink and accommodation … a blend of ‘tangible and intangible elements’ - and the service, atmosphere and image that surrounds them.’ (CTH 2010)
People turned to travel for sports such as the first Olympics in Greece back to 4BC. Also, religion was a main motivation to travel which they made a pilgrimage to holy places.
During the Renaissance, there was a desire to learn and experience other culture. Then ‘The Grand Tour’ (Richard Lessels in 1670) was born and became popular, sending young men for rich families to travel to places of culture like Italy and France, where the first laws for hotels were made.
The hospitality industry was progressing and developing continuously and became competitive. Early 1800s, the Royal Hotel was built in London and holiday resorts constructed along the French and Italian rivieras. In 1890 Le Grand Hotel, Pairs was the first entire hotel to be equipped with electric light. (CTH 2010) Someone saw the point of training , in 1890 the first school for hoteliers was founded in Lausanne, Switzerland (CTH 2010).

Inland spa towns became less popular, the travel purposes changed from education to leisure and relaxation. For example, the growth of tou...

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... crisis of 2008, global economy is faced different challenges. Because of this, the reduction of disposal income disadvantages both tourism and hospitality industry
Socially, changing trends of new generation has effect on hospitality industry. Generation Y tourists who are more educated and have more disposable income are willing to pay more for special experience. (Rauch.R.,2013).
The advancement of technology has a huge impact on hospitality establishments. Changing the way of booking which means that people make bookings on the internet rather than through travel agent. Also, social network such as Facebook or Twitter is being used for marketing and maintaining gust relationship. Large scale of feedback is shared on TripAdvisor, providing sources of information for tourists to choose the most suitable plan for holiday. (Calum.M, 2013)

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