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Total Quality Logistics (TQL), a freight brokerage company based in Milford, Ohio, has grown immensely since inception in June of 2005. With employee growth of 174% in just 9 years and an 191% increase in revenues, TQL needs to implement a plan that can help the company manage its employees while maintaining its reputable quality of service and revenue.

TQL's founders, Ryan Legg and Ken Oaks, had direct oversight of every broker during the early years of the business. But as the business grew and the demands of the company increased, less time was available for the founders to personally oversee their employees. However, the founders were not willing to sacrifice performance because the company's reputation of integrity and outstanding service were the differentiating features from competition in the freight brokerage field.


As a company who provides a service for their customers, TQL has great strength in honesty with customers and freight companies. The founders saw some of the unethical practices used in business by other brokers and decided at inception of their business they would show fairness with their business contacts as a competitive advantage. Another strength of TQL is their customer service team. Unlike many competitors, TQL is available to their customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. TQL also keeps in close contact with drivers of freight companies carrying customer loads to ensure that everything runs smoothly throughout the delivery process.

Although TQL maintains good honest relationships and has a dedicated customer service team, the company has taken key broker reps from a job they are performing very well at and moved them to a management position. As a result, ...

... middle of paper ... not take place. Sales supervisor positions must hold good managerial traits. Since these positions will not maintain accounts, the movements of an account executive to this position will disrupt a team and may result in lost revenues.

TQL can put a single sales supervisor into place and divide teams and appoint team leaders immediately. Due to the lack of managerial experience among the account executives the Executive Sales Managers may wish to hold the sales supervisor position until a manager can be placed and properly trained. During this time, non-montary methods of rewards should be discussed for the team leaders duties. TQL should start low and move up with rewards based on performance as a team leader. Some may currently act as an unofficial team leader and may not expect significant reimbursement and TQL should take advantage of these persons.

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