Essay about The Total Marriage, written by Jeffery and Pattiejean Brown

Essay about The Total Marriage, written by Jeffery and Pattiejean Brown

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The Total Marriage, written by Jeffery and Pattiejean Brown, has much practical advice for couples in the twenty first century. The book first started with a Bible text from Ephesians 5:28-33 which is telling us that a man should leave his parents’ house and start a family on his own. On the same hand people get marry because they think that their partner is the ideal person, after a while that same partner becomes an ordeal then and there that partner thinks he or she wants a new deal. Like the giant and David in a marriage there will be giant to conquer within our relationships and that it need more than the help of humans. The question was ask in the book “contentment or commitment, rights or responsibilities? In marriages it may not always be enjoyable and pleasurable at some points there may be struggles but it will always be worth it. The world emphasizes con contentment love but the Christian emphasizes on commitment, which is choosing to love in spite of anything or circumstances. The truth is the bible doesn’t talk about rights it talks about responsibilities, we have no right to life or happiness but it’s our responsibility to
Jeffrey and Pattijean Brown stress that marriage is not about finding the right person, but about being the right person. They answer such questions as, what do you do when your marriage is not all you expected? How can conflicts within marriage be resolved? How can marital sex be made more fulfilling? How can a dead or dying marriage be brought back to life? Is there life beyond children? Dr. and Mrs. Brown cut through the Hollywood tinsel to the experience of The Total Marriage-looking, liking, learning, living, and loving.
The idea of a "total" marriage makeover may sound overwhelming to you bu...

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...e contentious, are so caught by a dream bigger than themselves, that they work throughout the years- in of repeated disappointments- they work to make the dream come true.
Ephesians 5:15-21 told us to live life to the fullest. Despite the fact that marriages are breaking up Paul remind us that we should we should fight the good bottle of faith. The intention for marriage is not to do something for anyone but are expected to put something in; its not possible to take out something that you did not put in. no matter how smooth are rough a relationship may be, the only thing that can garentee lasing commitment is faith in god. When partners shared a a friendship with God, that marriage is build on the best foundation ever, these couples have been adopted in the family of God. In every situations there are promises God made to strengthen marriages and families.

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