Essay on The Tortilla Behemoth: Through the Sociological Lens

Essay on The Tortilla Behemoth: Through the Sociological Lens

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When faced with inexplicable working conditions, one’s first consideration would be to quit their job and to find a new one. In the case of the factory workers at Hacienda Tijuana, a Mexican tortilla factory, that is certainly not the case. Throughout this article, there are many issues that are presented to the reader. This essay is structured to examine three of the main issues. It begins by looking at the exploitation of the women and their lack of rights as workers in the factory. It examines the analytical framework that would be most appropriate for this situation and then progresses to relate many sociological theories to this issue. Next, it examines the mostly negative effects of globalization, modernization and industrialization. It then follows the same procedure as the previous section and categorizes the issue into the analytical framework model and proceeds to connect it to sociological theories. Finally, the last issue in which this essay discusses is Mexico’s progression to neoliberalism. Overall, this piece of writing addresses, analyzes and discusses many of the targeted issues mentioned in the article through a sociological lens.

To begin, throughout the article The Tortilla Behemoth, written by Carolina Bank Munoz, there are multiple issues presented that prove themselves to be relevant and relatable to many social theories, both classical and contemporary in form. Firstly, one of the most common issues that is discussed throughout the entire article would be the issue of gender inequality, women’s rights (or the lack thereof) and exploitation. According to Introduction to Sociological Theory, written by Michelle Dillon, exploitation refers to “the capitalist class caring about wage-workers only to the extent...

... middle of paper ...

...tion to neoliberalism. This
concept became clear and more understandable when examined through
the political/ economic category of the analytical framework model.

To conclude, this article displays the many issues in which factory
workers in most underdeveloped countries face everyday. In order to fix
these problems and to make changes to the conditions that these women
face, it is important to bring awareness to their situation. This article is a
good start.

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