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  • Carter G. Woodson

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    Teacher One of the most inspiring and instructive stories in black history is the story of how Carter G. Woodson, the father of black history, saved himself. The skeletal facts of his personal struggle for light and of his rise from the coalmines of West Virginia to the summit of academic achievement are great in and of them and can be briefly stated. At 17, the young man who was called by history to reveal black history was an untutored coal miner. At 19, after teaching himself the fundamentals

  • Carter G. Woodson

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    Carter G. Woodson The “ Father of Black History” as we know today, Dr. Carter G. Woodson was born on December 19, 1875 to James and Anne Eliza Woodson in New Canton, Virginia. Woodson was the first child of nine children of James and Anne Eliza who where newly freed slaves. Carter’s supported his family at a very young age by working in a coal mine. At the age of seventeen Carter and his family moved to Fayette, Virginia where he worked in a coal mine. Carter was allowed to attend school

  • Gossip Girl Book #1

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    ringleader of the crew, which includes her handsome but weak-hearted boyfriend, Nate. This femme fatale in training relishes her role and is confident that she and Nate will be together forever. Then the teen every girl loves to hate, Serena Van der Woodson, returns from her Connecticut boarding school, and the young women start fuming. Serena is beautiful and charming, and could unknowingly steal the hearts of brothers and boyfriends -- and she and Nate have a secret history. Of course, ridiculous rumors

  • Jessie James

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    dark side and a face that we are so familiar with, and yes, the Lochness Monster has both a head and a tail. To every opinion, or story, there will always be one that contradicts it. This is the case with conceptions regarding Jesse James. Jesse Woodson James was born on the cold and early morning of September 6, 1847 in Kearney, Missouri. At the age of fourteen, Jesse joined the Confederate effort during the Civil War and fought until a Union bullet injured him in 1865. Instead of becoming a farmer

  • If This World Were Mine, by E. Lynn Harris

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    If This World Were Mine. The group includes Yolanda, single, independent, and not looking for a man. She was once married, but her husband wanted to travel, while she was ready to be stable. Then there’s Dr. Leland Thompson, gay and single. Riley Woodson, the epidimy of beauty. She’s married to her college sweetheart Selwyn, who is also a member of the journal club, and they have a set of twins’, Ryan and Reginald. Dwight Leon Scott is also a member he is divorced and mad at the world. He was married

  • Jesse James

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    Jesse Woodson James was viewed in two ways; a modern Robin Hood and a killer. He was born in Kearney, Missouri on September 5, 1847. Some people say it was the cruel treatment from Union soldiers that turned Frank and Jesse to a life of crime during the Civil War. During the Civil War, at age 15, he joined Quantrill's Raiders, a group of pro-Confederate guerillas. He was part of the Centralia massacre in 1864. He is also known to have been a spy for the rebel army. Jesse was wounded while surrendering

  • Misconceptions of African American life

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    back door. He will go without being told. In fact, if there is no back door, he will cut one for his special benefit. His education makes it necessary.” This quote, spoken true by a prominent African American scholar of the 20th century, Carson Woodson, is aimed at shedding light on the inherent miseducation of African Americans. His beliefs that controlling one’s thinking with such a powerful grasp that allows little or no movement will lead to that individual behaving as he is expected is a very

  • Jesse James Rides Again

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    Rides Again! History books say that Jesse Woodson James was killed on April 3, 1882, but others believe differently. (Hall) I believe Jesse James died in 1951 in Grandbury, Texas at the age of 103. Between 1882 and 1948 he went by many different names but mainly went by J. Frank Dalton. From the Civil War to Jesse James supposed death in 1882, Jesse was a major outlaw. After 1882 Jesse led a normal life and had many different professions. Jesse Woodson James was born on September 5, 1847 in Western

  • Bias

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    white masters. At that time most of recorded history was based on how the white masters viewed slavery. You did not get a view on slavery from the slaves themselves. In the 1920's, black scholars like W.E.B. Du Bois, Charles Johnson, and Carter Woodson, started a project to collect oral evidence from former slaves who were still living. Even these interviews could not be viewed as 100% accurate. One example, is a geographic bias. The people that were interviewed were only a very small portion of

  • Essay On Jesse Woodson James

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    Dominic Bean Mr. Hanson Eagle Success 27 February 2014 Jesse Woodson James: Thief, Gang leader, Folk hero Folk hero, thief, gang leader, and so called “murderer”. Jesse Woodson James fits the description. Jesse in my own eyes is an inspiration. Not because he was a thief or gang leader, but because he had ambition and fought for what he believed. “It taught me to be independant and never wait for someone to hand you something” ( These are some inspiring words spoken by Jesse. The