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  • Women's Studies History

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    Woman's Studies Woman's studies are at its most basic an examination of the experiences of women. The field place women in the center of inquiry and study. It is important to note that the study is by and for women. Woman are not treated as objects of study but as subjects of study. The field assumes that gender is a central aspect of society and tries to explore and define what it means to be a man or woman in today's society. In the early sixties it was noticed for the first time the lack or

  • Women's Studies

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    Women’s studies is an interdisciplinary course of study that assimilates the contribution of females as individuals throughout history and current society. There is a vast number of college and universities that offer undergraduate, graduate and doctorate level training that blends feminism with gender and sexuality. A Degree program such as The College of William and Mary in “Women’s Studies offers in depth major or minor in “Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies.” (William & Mary Arts & Science)

  • Women's Studies Term Paper

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    Throughout the past few decades, the roles that women play have drastically changed in some aspects, but in other aspects, women’s roles are more similar than we think. My interviewee is my grandmother, Annie Caffee. She is an African American woman, who is 64 years of age. My interviewee grew up in the Washington, D.C. area, and currently resides in Upper Marlboro, MD. I interviewed her about the following topics: Violence against women, women bodies and health, women and sexuality, women and work

  • Solutions To Women's Advancement Case Study

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    Reading Response- Solutions to Women’s Advancement 1. Since the onset of the 1980s, women have made great strides in the workplace. In 2014, Fortune magazine reported that number of Fortune-500 women CEOs reached a historic high of 4.8% (Fairchild , "Number of Fortune 500 women CEOs reaches historic high”). In 2012, Thomas Reuters and Women of Influence collaborated with Barbara Annis & Associates to investigate this trend of women’s increasing participation in leadership roles. The Gender Intelligences

  • Women Studies: Women's Voices Feminist Visions

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    Women 's Studies Women’s studies is defined as, “an interdisciplinary academic field developed to topics concerning women, gender, and feminism.”(Susan M. Shaw, Janet Lee 1) This is a text taken from Women’s Voices Feminist Visions but, I believe women’s studies is learning and understanding of how women are treated and affected in everyday life because of their race, ethnicity, class, age, and sexuality. It is important to educate boys and girls on women’s studies because we are still living

  • Women's Studies

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    Evelyn Nakano Glenn, Professor of Gender and Women’s Studies and of Ethnic Studies at Berkeley, University of California serves as Founding Director of the University’s Center for Race and Gender (Glenn 2). It is a leading American center in the study of intersectionality amongst genders, class social groups, institutions and race. Her scholarly work includes focus on the dynamics of gender, race and the prevailing processes of inequality and exclusion in class structures in the social setting. Her

  • Feminism and how it enriches our IR theory

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    The contribution of the feminist standpoint in IR theory definitely sparks discussion and debate bringing forth new perspectives which demand to be heard and considered from the more ‘orthodox’ IR theories, previously privileged assumptions and preconceived ideas. This grand entry for the feminists was towards the denouement of the Cold War in the 1980’s , Kirkpatrick; influential US ambassador of the UN during that period was noted to have said that she felt like a “mouse in a man’s world”. Is this

  • Women's Studies: Woman of the Year Refia Ari -a pioneer of Special Needs Education for Disabled Children

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    Women's Studies: REFIA ARI - Woman of the Year Pioneer of Special Needs Education for disabled children in KKTC Cyprus Refia Ari received the Woman of the Year award in 2003 of the Women's Studies & Education Centre, Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU), KKTC/TRNC-Cyprus. She enabled special needs education for disabled children, children's disability support for their parents and disabilities careres. "Mrs. Refia (Ari) has created for .. children a world that becomes more beautiful every

  • Importance Of Women Studies

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    UNITED STATES INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY ALICIA JAMES 636192 COMPOSITION II (ENG2206) Literature Review On The Importance of Women Studies in Enhancing Progress made in Gender Equity DR ONDITI LUOCH FALL 2013 According to the Merriam-Webster Online dictionary ("Women Studies", 2013), Women Studies are the multidisciplinary study of the social status and societal contributions of women and the relationship between power and gender. They are based on the principle of the unity of theoretical

  • Encouraging Diverse Enrollment in Women's Studies Courses

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    Encouraging Diverse Enrollment in Women's Studies Courses What stands in the way of a more diversity in Women’s Studies classes such as Feminism 101? The posing of this question is in and of itself a step to increasing diversity, for in the answers we find, we may also expose solutions to these roadblocks. I will therefore, be discussing causes of the current white, female, young, middle-class, and non-disabled majority in Women’s Studies’ class rosters. Once I've established what is causing a