William Cecil, 1st Baron Burghley Essays

  • The Factors That Shaped the Elizabethan Religious Settlement

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    and these views obviously effected the way she ran her household and country, and consequently influenced her decisions over the religious settlement. Another evident influence was the views of the Privy Council and of her chief councillor, William Cecil. It has been argued that their opinions forced Elizabeth into a more protestant settlement that she originally desired. There are also many debates over the role of parliament and how their personal views dictated the outcome of the settlement

  • Famous Playwright or Just a Fake?

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    William Shakespeare is regarded as one of the most talented and famous playwrights of all time. But there is research being conducted to try to prove that he did not write or produce his own plays or poetry. Many historians and English writing experts believe that he used someone else’s ideas, wrote them down and produced them. Many people believe that he even stole plays from other people. From what we know about him—which is not a lot—he was not highly educated which leads people to believe that

  • Elizabeth

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    Elizabeth The 1998 movie “Elizabeth,” directed by Shekhar Kapur, from a script by Michael Hirst, is a historical epic that takes place during and after the mid-16th-century period when England’s Princess Elizabeth was nearly eliminated by her half-sister, Queen Mary. It portrays the events of Mary’s death, Elizabeth’s ascension to the throne, and the struggles and events that she must overcome in order to preserve the strength of the English Monarchy, and establish Protestantism as the chief English

  • Elizabeth The Film

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    other period piece. The script was also very well written, and very well paced making the movie much more enjoyable to watch because it was interesting and did not drag. Historical Characters Prioritized: Elizabeth I, Duke of Leicester, Sir William Cecil, Walsingham, Duke of Norfolk, Mary Queen of Scots, and the Vatican, various potential suitors to Elizabeth I. Understanding Clarified Which Would Not Be Achieved Through Reading Alone: Elizabeth’s political struggles greatly affected her personal

  • Religion and the Northern Rebellion of 1568

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    Religion and the Northern Rebellion of 1568 At the time of the Northern Rebellion in 1568, the North of England was greatly aggrieved. When Elizabeth had ascended to the throne she appointed loyal men to her throne, usually Protestants like William Cecil at the expense of the Northern Earls. This subtraction of power of course angered the Northern Earls, but was the Northern Rebellion just down to this? Religion played a huge part in the daily lives of most people in the 16th century and with