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  • Web Pages

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    Web Pages The phrase "point and click" is all too familiar to the basic computer user these days. With their computers, people now have the power to do see and do a plethora of things with this phrase. Thanks to the invasion of cyberspace, even more possibilities exist to the everyday computer user. The Internet is an almost infinite resource for providing great reference information, entertainment, and other everyday needs. Obviously, people have their preferences of which pages they find the

  • Web Page

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    Web Page The development and design of a basic web page can be a fun yet tricky task. Whether it’s a large commercial web page for business purposes, or a small personal web page about your hobby or family; the process of development is the same. The three major steps leading to the development and design of a basic web page include: information gathering, site layout and design, and HTML (hyper text markup language) conversion. The most important task of developing and designing a web page

  • A Web Page

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    A Web Page A web page is an electronic document written in a computer language called HTML, short for Hypertext Markup Language. Each web page has a unique address, called a URL, short for Uniform Resource Locator, which identifies its location on the network. A website has one or more related web pages, depending on how it's designed. Web pages on a website are linked together through a system of hyperlinks, so that you can jump between them by clicking on a link. On the Web, you navigate, popularly

  • Web Page Analysis

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    Web Page Analysis While browsing the enormous variety of sites and home pages on the World Wide Web, it is difficult to compare and contrast items that do not have anything in common. How can we say the "Wall Street Journal page" is better than "Joe's Page of Craziness?" Therefore the first step in critiquing web pages is by determining their purpose. The goal of a web page can vary from presenting factual information such as the "CIA Page," or displaying one's own computer generated art. Hence

  • Efficiency and Web Page Design

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    Efficiency and Web Page Design One of the biggest challenges for web designers today is trying to have a ‘killer app’, yet make it efficient enough for the common surfer. We’re talking about file size. Zona Research (June 1999) reported that 70% of online users were only connected at 56K or less. Granted this number may have decreased a bit in the last 16 months, but the fact is, most people have a slow connection. As a surfer browses through the numerous sites on the web, they want to see

  • Web Page Creation Report

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    Web Page Creation Report In order to create my web pages, I used a program called FrontPage Express. This allowed me to create web pages without learning the language they are written in, HTML. To start with, I created a new directory for the website to go in to. I did this by clicking on File>New>Folder. I then renamed the folder just created to Computerstore. Into that folder, I created five more folders, and renamed them Images, INP, OUT, MPU and STO. These were for the four different

  • Web Pages Design Work

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    Web Pages Design Work User Needs: My web site is going to be about computer hardware. It will help users with a basic knowledge on computing to decide what they want for there existing or new computer. It will give the users the average prices for each listed computer component/device, and will explain to users how the computer components/devices work, and will explain the different advantages and disadvantages of the component/device. This can then help users to learn new facts on

  • The Crawling Module and Web Pages

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    have various copies of web pages grouped according to the crawl in which they were found. For the second one, only the most recent copy of web pages is to be saved. For this, one has to maintain records of when the web page changed and how frequently it was changed. This technique is more efficient than the previous one but it requires an indexing module to be run with the crawling module. The authors conclude that an incremental crawler can bring brand new copies of web pages more quickly and maintain

  • Basics of Web Page Design

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    Basics of Web Page Design Im am going to analyse a music group website, the website address is and its all about a band called roll deep crew. Its all about a crew from the underground of garage that like to make there own version of music. This is what the front page looks like: [IMAGE] From the front page it look professional there's a little intro that you can either choose to watch or skip. This is good as you can clearly see where you have to click if you

  • Monitoring the Credibility and Content of Web Pages

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    can be evaluated for its usefulness by the general public based on certain criteria as discussed in this article. A website discussing about particular disease like ADHD should be evaluated on the following criteria (Engle, 2014.), (“Evaluating Web Pages,”2012), (Tillman, 2003): 1. Context & Coverage of the topic: The visitor to such a website will be interested in knowing more about the disease, its treatment, medications, local support groups, and different events associated with disease, et al