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    "A Trip to the Moon" is considered as the first science fiction film in cinema history. Taking into account that the movie was created in 1902, Georges Melies managed to create a true masterpiece of the classic black-and-white cinematography. Scripts for most of the episodes were borrowed from the famous novels. Jules Verne's "From the Earth to the Moon" provided the image of the space capsule and giant cannon; most of the lunar episodes with blizzard, descent to the lunar crater, battle with selenites

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    THE TRIP It all started when my friend and I were off-roading and one of us had a marvel idea… “Wouldn’t this be fun to do in Colorado?” So it begins, I mention that I have a cousin that lives in Colorado, and that we could stay with him and his family. We planned the trip for August 10th. Turns out this will be the most liberating and most independent event in my life. Thursday, August 10th rolls around, we get and start loading the jeep, and hit the highway. Just knowing that we were on our own

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    Everywhere was cloaked in the intense heat of the mid-day sun. It was so hot that the asphalt on the road looked like it was about to sizzle up in smoke if water was to fall upon it. The serpent-like length of the cars slithered torturously under the blasting rays of the sun. The stench of exhaust fumes from the lined bumper to bumper on the road was suffocating me as I stood at the pedestrian crossing after school. My school bag weighed extremely heavy that day, making my journey home even more

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    hjk As I stepped onto the platform and walked down the terminal, my imagination began to stir. Images of wild beasts roaming the land, and savage men armed with spears filled my mind. I had landed in Africa, land of the untamed; or so I thought. For weeks people had been filling my mind with vivid descriptions of a country they had never seen, and I swallowed it all up. Walking toward the exit, I imagined seeing a luscious forest ahead of me, filled with exotic animals, and wild beasts. To my surprise

  • My Trip To Hawaii: A Trip To Hawaii

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    In 2014, my aunt and her wife surprised my family with a trip to Hawaii. My dad was born in Hawaii and had not been back since he was young. When he was sick in the hospital, my aunt asked my dad what his biggest wish was; he said he wanted to go to Hawaii. After waiting for my dad’s health to improve, the trip was finally planned. In June, we flew to the island of Maui. When we got there, the atmosphere felt different from how it is in Alabama. Hawaii is a beautiful place with many adventures waiting

  • Camping Trip: Our Camping Trip

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    Our Camping Trip I awoke to the sun piercing through the screen of my tent while stretching my arms out wide to nudge my friend Alicia to wake up. “Finally!” I said to Alicia, the countdown is over. As I unzip the screen door and we climb out of our tent, I’m embraced with the aroma of campfire burritos that Alicia’s mom Nancy was preparing for us on her humungous skillet. While we wait for our breakfast to be finished, me and Alicia, as we do every morning, head to the front convenient store for

  • Trip Hop

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    Trip Hop Lush soundscapes infused with a rich layering of soulful guitar riffs, jazzy horns and atmospheric strings, interwoven with innovative sampling and grounded by a hip-hop beat, slowed to a brooding moody tempo. Words can barely frame the complexity that is Trip Hop music. It is a genre so startlingly refreshing and innovative that the term Trip Hop itself only came into existence in the mid 90s, in an attempt to describe a musical style that defies all known musical categories. Trip

  • Snowboarding trip

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    birthday I decided that I wanted to go to Peak-in-Peak ski resort. I called TJ, Scott, and Justin to invite them on this trip; they all accepted my invention to go. The fact that the three of them have skateboarded with me for a number of years I knew that they would be interested in learning to snowboard; what better time than this trip to do so. The ski resort that I had picked for the trip was in New York. Peak-in-Peak was perfect for all levels of snowboarding. I was most interested in the snowboard

  • NASA Trip

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    the Academy is one of the most difficult tasks, as I have been working endlessly for five years to be accepted, having received nominations from both Senator Grassley and Harkin, I feel my chances are positive in being accepted. Attending the NASA Trip would be a great attribute to send to the Academy, as many individuals do not have these types opportunities. Having aeronautic engineering degree as a pilot will allow for me to be the best possibl...

  • My Experience: A Trip To A Field Trip

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    I was so excited to go on this field trip and so was everyone else. Of course I knew why, everyone loves field trips. Everyone that had seen the one man show reported that it was impeccable performance. I was also excited because I didn’t have to do any work. Before the show, all I thought was that it would be a normal bus ride. One that would be loud, but everyone minded their own business. I step onto the bus getting shoved by the people behind me. I race to the back of the large, bright yellow