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  • Free Othello Essays: The Character of Emilia

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    The Character of Emilia in Othello Emilia is one of the few straightforward people in the Shakespeare's Othello.  Emilia is taciturn.  When we first meet her in Cyprus, after his throwaway condescending remark about suffering her tongue, and Desdemona's rejoinder that "she has no speech", Iago has to admit that "she puts her tongue a little in her heart and chides with thinking". In the scene of light hearted banter that follows Emilia manages to utter two words.  She really only finds her voice

  • Twelfth Night: Character Analysis

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    Olivia’s cousin Sir Toby. Maria is typically interpreted as being “feisty, witty, and outgoing” (Marshall 217), but some would argue that this is not her personality in Trevor Nunn’s rendition of Twelfth Night. Here I will discuss the differences between Twelfth Night as a play by Tim Carroll verses Twelfth Night as a movie by Trevor Nunn; between these two renditions, Maria is more true to character in Carroll’s rendition than Nunn’s because

  • Comparing Othello And Suzman's

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    Trevor Nunn’s esteemed production, Othello (1990), and Janet Suzman’s distinguished film, Othello (1987), artistically enthrall viewers from the inception to the final scenes of their unique adaptations of William Shakespeare’s tale of love and jealousy. Both Nunn’s and Suzman’s works chronicle this renowned play with keen attention to detail, bearing striking similarities and maintaining fundamental facets of the plot and theme. This thoughtful preservation of key elements is complemented by distinct

  • William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night: Feste

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    Trevor Nunn’s (1996) adaptation of Twelfth Night illustrates the complexity of Feste’s character and how important he is to the overall play. Ben Kingsley, the actor, presents Feste as sympathetic and gentle choric figure. It is Feste who allows the audience to see the films respect for the original play, and the existing issues within it. This includes the defencelessness of women, and the attractive, but dangerous, qualities of altering one’s true sexual identity. Interestingly, unlike the original

  • Love's Labour's Lost

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    forward-looking play. It is its ending in particular, an unexpectedly grim conclusion in which nothing is actually concluded, that has appealed to modern sensibilities and made Love's Labour's Lost the Shakespeare play for the twentieth century. Trevor Nunn makes this point emphatically in a recent National Theatre production that presents Love's Labour's Lost as a tale of society's passage out of the nineteenth century in the devastation of World War I. Though neither this idea nor any other aspect

  • Film Versions of Shakespeare Comedies

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    cinematic context – to decide how to interpret the play and which elements are privileged and which are suppressed. This variance in interpretation is exemplified in comparing two of the more recent cinematic adaptations of Shakespeare’s comedies, Trevor Nunn’s Twelfth Night and Kenneth Branagh’s A Much Ado About Nothing [‘Much Ado’]. Although both films can to an extent be seen as comedies with serious, almost tragic aspects inherent throughout, Nunn’s film deals with these serious facets as central

  • Midaq Alley

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    Naguib Mahfouz is the author of the book Midaq Alley that was translated from Arabic by Trevor Le Gassick. First published in 1966, Midaq Alley displays a historical period of Egypt in the most intimate sense as it is presented through the lives of the characters that inhabit the alley. Although the book is set in the early forties it possesses a taste of eternity as the reader watches the characters struggle through questions of morality, ethics, and traditions. (The answer of which shape their

  • Thoroughly Modern Millie

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    in this film are Millie Dillmount, Miss Dorothy Brown, Trevor Graydon, Jimmy Smith, and Muzzy. Millie Dillmount is a totally modern woman. She’s come to the cite from the country in search of a husband. She strives to become a successful business woman and to marry well and be rich. She has every intention of marrying her boss. Miss Dorothy Brown is an orphan new to the city from California. She’s very naive and has no friends or family. Trevor Graydon is Millie’s new boss. He is a single business

  • The Importance of the Access and Foundation Course

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    wise,I also like asking question,watching the t.v and reading newspapers, analysing some of their which I enjoy very has alwys been my passion to to be a journalist.i am really inspired by the people in the media,people like SIR TREVOR MCDOALD.ANDREW MARR AND NATAHSA KAPILISKY.i know tht the humanities pathway is the best and it will lead to my degree choice.the pathway will developed my skills in writing, researching[ie finding information] ,new thinking method in which I will

  • Corrymeela, a Community of Forgiveness

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    Ballycastle, on the Antrim Coast (see a map of the area, below). I spent four amazing days in Northern Ireland last summer, talking with some of the key players in the ecumenical movement while planning for my Field Education program. I spoke with Trevor Anderson, the Director of Corrymeela at their office in Belfast, I spoke with Johnson McMaster, the Director of the Irish School of Ecumenics who offered to be my mentor next summer. I also spoke with David Stevens, the Secretary for the Irish Council

  • The History of Jamaican Slavery

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    cost to the hundreds of thousands of Africans who became unwillingly caught up in the trade triangle between England, Africa and the Caribbean. In their essay "The Dynamics of the Slave Market and Slave Purchasing Patterns in Jamaica, 1655-1788," Trevor Burnard and Kenneth Morgan say: "Jamaica had the largest demand for slaves of any British colony in the Americas" (2). By the end of the eighteenth century there were more than 300, 000 slaves in Jamaica; and the fact that the slaves outnumbered the

  • The Destructors Literary Analysis

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    than his father or mother. “’Well anyhow,” he said stoutly, “I’m a lucky person”” (par.14). In “The Destructors” we are introduced to Trevor. Trevor is introduced as a poor boy like Paul, who lives in London nine years after world- war 2. He is described as short and direct with his words, usually not saying much to get his point across. When he said his name “Trevor” “it was a statement of fact, not as it would have been with th... ... middle of paper ... ...side world changed when he proved that

  • Going Beyond the Pale with William Trevor

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    Going Beyond the Pale with William Trevor In William Trevor’s short story ‘Beyond the Pale’, the reader is presented with a text that seethes with the angst of a writer whose country’s Colonial past has been gnawing on his bones. Although there is nothing unusual in this (especially in Irish writing), Trevor manages to fumble the ball in the course of his didactic strategy and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory: what should have been a successful indictment of British Colonial Rule in Ireland

  • Soccer

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    Soccer My favorite recreational activity is soccer. I play soccer a lot and have been playing for five or six seasons. in a game not long ago I made a hat trick , or three goals in one game. We placed second in our league this year. Their are lots of rules in soccer and they are all very important. If you don’t follow them you will pay the consequences. I’ll tell you about them in this paper. Probably the most important rule is that you can’t touch the ball with your hands. If you do you

  • Themes In 'Tijuana Straits' By Kem Nunn

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    Tijuana Straits Tijuana Straits by Kem Nunn, has many techniques implemented into the book. Nunn creates numerous themes and situations that can result in wide variety of lessons that ranges from environmental issues to life lessons. Nunn uses certain techniques in this book to introduce characters and situation into the plot. The way he apply his themes is very powerful but there is a more effective way of catching the reader’s attention. Nunn’s way of writing is unique making it confusing at

  • My Soul Mate

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    My Soul Mate I never thought I would meet the other "half of my orange." "Offspring" was not in my vocabulary, until I saw him, the entity of my imaginings. As he roamed the halls, strutting as though he possessed the building, he consumed my every thought. Every muscle he owned protruded through his uniform, his bulky, curly, caramel, tresses chiseled high and tight. The looks he granted me reassured my interests. He would be the father of my children. He dreaded our visit to Texas; we would

  • Desmond Tutu: A True Africian Hero

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    high school years Tutu contracted tuberculosis and nearly died while spending close to two full years in bed. (Whelan) While he was bed ridden he had a special visitor come and visit him once a week every week. This special visitor was British-born Trevor Huddleston. He used to bring Desmond books and educational materials that way he wouldn't get too far behind in school. (Whelan) He also talked to him about God and that truly what inspired Desmond into becoming a priest. (Whelan) After Desmond was

  • How Living as a Christian Disciple May Influence the Lives of Christians Today

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    How Living as a Christian Disciple May Influence the Lives of Christians Today Christianity is an entire way of life. It's not only a part of your life it is your whole life. It is a sense of being with God. It is not a one way system, but in fact a two way bond. Being a disciple of God gives you a sense of who you are. You have the position of being part of God's children as well as being a child of your parents. This is an incomparable feeling. A Christian is a person who lives their life

  • Sharing Detachment Behind a Wall of Glass

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    While James Wright’s poem “Lying in a Hammock” accentuates the hopelessness in the quickly fleeting moments in time, and Franz Wright’s poem “Flight” exposes the consequences of a distant father on a son longing for a relationship he never had, the two poems are linked by the underlying theme of detachment. It is evident, by juxtaposing these two works, divided by literary devices such as style or syntax, the underlying themes are circumstantially shared and induced by the hardship of life itself

  • An Analysis Of 'ALLEGRO' By Tomas Tranströmer

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    All throughout life we encounter certain affairs that can instantly change our whole domineer. These experiences we undertake can cast a ‘black cloud’ above our heads, leaving us in a dreary state. Only you can tell yourself: what will work exactly to get yourself out of that shadowy position. The reason I chose this poem is: I can relate to having ‘black days’ and having to find my own ‘peace’ and ‘balance.’ To me, this poem is more than a man just getting through one bad day; it’s about him teaching