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  • St John's Wort: Treating Depression Naturally

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    St John's Wort: Treating Depression Naturally As the majority of people in this world, I suffer from mild depression from time to time. Although this has never been serious enough to cause any changes in my ability to function, it is enough of an interference in my life to cause me to seek some sort of therapy. Most of the time a good healthy cry or some exercise will take care of any mild depression but there are times when more is needed. Many people in this sort of situation are reluctant

  • Placebo Effect

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    to a patient to relieve symptoms of an ailment. His hypothesis in the article focused on if the placebos had any effect on the patients who took them. To test his hypothesis, Dr. Brown and his colleagues performed experiments on patients who had depression. To test his idea, he employed what is known as the “double blind technique.'; This type of experimentation involves that neither the doctors nor the patients know if they are receiving the real “stuff'; or simply sugar pills (placebos)

  • Prozac (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors)

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    area of psychological disorders, including major depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bulimia nervosa, panic disorder, social phobia, post traumatic stress disorder, and premenstrual dysphoric disorder. They are also said to be effective in treating dysthymia and chronic depression. (Tollefson and Rosenbaum, 2001) The manufacturer of Prozac, Eli Lilly advertises that this drug is particularly effective in treating clinical depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, bulimia and panic

  • Diagnosing and Treating Depression

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    When someone says the word depression, it causes a great deal of confusion to American people today. Frequently, depression is used to describe when someone is feeling low, miserable, or having ‘gotten out of bed on the wrong side'. However, doctors use the word in two different ways. They can use it to describe the symptom of low mood, or to refer to a specific illness, Depression. Doctors make a diagnosis of depression after assessing the severity of the low mood, other associated symptoms and

  • St. John's Wort As A Treatment For Depression: Herbal Healer or Ineffective Alternative?

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    St. John's Wort As A Treatment For Depression: Herbal Healer or Ineffective Alternative? This country has its share of major health issues, and Depression has remained a prominent one. With a prevalence rate of one in twenty suffering from this psychological disease in the US, (1) it is no wonder that many varying treatment options now exist for sufferers. The most common approach to treating Depression is with some form of psychotherapy coupled with prescription drugs. However, this traditional

  • Major Depression Across Atlantic: Diagnosis and Treatment

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    Major Depression Across Atlantic: Diagnosis and Treatment In this day and age depression is a catchword. It is applied to all imaginable situations, from grieving after the loss of a loved one to simple foul moods. Although such a loose usage of the word is hardly warranted, the statistics of the World Health Organization suggest that there is some real basis behind it: about 4-5% of the world's population suffer from depression, and it is the reason behind about 60% of all suicides (1). United

  • The Effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy on Treating Depression

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    chosen to look into the effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy(CBT) on treating depression in primary care. I am interested in this particular area of counselling as my impression is that it is currently the favoured form of counselling that is offered when people approach their GP for help. Currently the National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom recommend CBT as the best talking therapy for treating a wide range of conditions (Barret, 2009). As part of the UK government’s Improving

  • Diagnosing and Treating Student With Depression Anxiety Disorder

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    discontinue making certain judgments. He does not seem to believe that his depression is as bad as it is but might be over estimating his anxiety as a way to detract attention from his depression. He believes he can change, but is realizing that it’s a lot more difficult than he originally anticipated and thus becomes discouraged at times, but he is more than willing to continue working. We are aiming to decrease his anxiety and depression and rationalize a more open outlook on the world and those who inhabit

  • Treating Depression Lowers Your Risk of Heart Disease

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    much sadness increase one's risk for heart disease? Or, can depression lead to a heart attack? Although sadness is often associated with a broken heart in popular literature, the direct link between depression and development of coronary artery disease in people who were previously healthy has not been established until recently. What is Depression? Sadness is a common experience to all men and women. Everyone undergoes a feeling of depression after a major life problem or loss occurs. But most people

  • Treating Depression: A Personal Battle or a Combination of Professional Treatments?

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    Each year, 19 million Americans are affected by clinical depression, sometimes resulting in suicide (Emedicinehealth, 2011). This clinical depression is not merely a feeling of sadness. The illness affects every day activities and performance. Though there are different types of clinical depression, the most extreme case is major depressive disorder. The reoccurring disorder often prevents individuals from enjoying usually pleasurable activities and causes physical symptoms (Emedicinehealth, 2011)