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  • Tragic Hero

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    about Willy Loman’s tragic hero or is he pathetic human being? Well, for me reading this whole play. It became clear to me that Willy could be a modern day tragic hero with tragic flaws in his life. Since Aristotle had explained the true definition of Tragedy in the about the Greek mythology of a tragic hero; How a man could be fortune, then became horrible at the end with some mistakes but will always be remembered by the audience. Aristotle’s quote; “A man cannot become a hero until he can see the

  • The Tragic Hero: Oedipus And The Tragic Hero

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    Oedipus the Tragic Hero Arthur Miller alters Aristotle 's definition of the tragic hero and tragedy; Miller suggests that the common man is capable of experiencing the tragedy of a king because they experience "similar emotional situations"(148). Miller points out that the tragic feeling is induced when the character gives up everything to try to guard his personal dignity. The character is flawed but not too faulty in order to be relatable to the common man. However, the character flaw that causes

  • A Tragic Hero

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    A tragic hero is defined as a person of high social rank, who has a tragic flaw or flaws that lead to their downfall. These heroes’ downfalls are usually either complete ruin or death. Tragic heroes face their downfall with courage and dignity. While many characters in Julius Caesar could fit these conditions, the person who fits the role of a tragic hero the best is Marcus Brutus. Brutus develops into a tragic hero throughout the play, and this is shown though his qualifications of a tragic hero

  • The True Tragic Hero In Antigone: A True Tragic Hero

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    A True Tragic Hero F. Scott Fitzgerald once said, "show me a hero, and I'll write you a tragedy." This belief is based on the Greek definition of tragedy, a story of a person who starts in a high position in society and declines throughout the story to end up in a lesser position than where he or she started. This person is the tragic hero. The tragic hero is the character who falls from power due to both fate and a fatal flaw. Aristotle explains that the tragic hero should achieve some revelation

  • Hamlet: A Tragic Hero

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    called a tragic hero, suffers and usually dies at the end. Prince Hamlet is a model example of a Shakespearean tragic hero. Every tragedy must have a tragic hero. A tragic hero must own many good traits, but has a flaw that ultimately leads to his downfall. If not for this tragic flaw, the hero would be able to survive at the end of the play. A tragic hero must have free will and also have the characteristics of being brave and noble. In addition, the audience must feel some sympathy for the tragic hero

  • Brutus: A Tragic Hero

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    Caesar, went through three simple steps which are necessary in becoming a tragic hero. First he brought down Caesar thinking he had good intentions. Then he realized he had done wrong and knew that there would be consequences. Finally he went through a downfall, but even after death he was still honorable. Good intentions, realization, and an unfortunate but honorable downfall are the qualities that make Brutus a tragic hero and not a villain. Good intentions are just as they sound, they are what

  • Creon the Tragic Hero

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    play Antigone by Sophocles,one could easily be lead to believe Antigone is the the tragic hero when in fact a strong case can be made that Creon, the king of Thebes, is actually the tragic hero. In believing that Creon is the tragic hero it would seem practical to call the play Creon rather than Antigone. On the other hand, naming the play Antigone gives the play a twist that leads the audience into a dynamically tragic journey through the lives of a prestigious royal family and it gives birth to thoughts

  • Faustus: A Tragic Hero

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    mediocrity until he finally realizes his mistakes and wrongdoings and attempts to repent, but to no avail. Although many critics believe that Faustus is not a tragic hero, he is a character that perfectly fits Aristotle's definition of a tragic hero. Aristotle defines a tragic hero as a man of exceptional quality and greatness of noble birth whose tragic flaw leads to his own downfall. In addition, the hero's downfall must result in increased self-knowledge and self-awareness. Faustus, being a doctor who

  • Othello as Tragic Hero

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    Othello as Tragic Hero I would agree that it is helpful to an understanding of Othello's character to think of him as a tragic hero. On the surface, the opinion may be different because he kills his wife and commits suicide to end his anguish. However, if we look deeper the suffering that Othello has to go through, and the way that this powerful and heroic character is tricked and knocked off his high perch by Iago (a lower status member of the army) he can be seen as a tragic hero. All

  • most tragic hero

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    A tragic hero is defined as someone in a high position who possesses a flaw in character that brings about his/her downfall. Macbeth, Oedipus and Okonkwo were all tragic heroes because the were all popular and high people in their communities but had a flaw in their characters that brought about their downfall. Although Macbeth, Oedipus and Okonkwo were all tragic heroes, Macbeth was the