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  • Tradition And Tradition Essay

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    experiences. It is only the ‘right’ and ‘wise’ practices of a society which withstand the test of time and survive; these practices are often the most beneficial for its people. This is what contributes to tradition. Through the ages architecture in India has always been extremely rich in tradition and character. It has always been moulded by the people’s lifestyles and thoughts. The builders of the past possessed a great deal of flexibility and did not stagnate. They were successfully able to incorporate

  • traditions

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    event, she purposefully leaves the unspeakable outcome of this lottery drawing until the end. Jackson uses an obsolete and antiquated tradition to expose human evilness and hypocrisy. The story recounts a tradition that began by the original settlers of this small town. Jackson demonstrates that the passage of time results in a great deal of change to this tradition. The reader knows Old Man Warner, the oldest man in town, is attending the lottery for the seventy-seventh year. Most of the current

  • Tradition

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    different cultures have different traditions. Certain rules or certain recurring pattern put in place for that culture. Some of which other cultures would not agree with. For example some of the traditions that Buddhist monks have are to shave their heads, live in isolation from the outside world and to wear robes. Similar to this is Nuns in Christianity .To people who don’t understand these traditions they are just crazy rules by a group of people. But what if some traditions where the same just done a

  • Culture, Tradition And Culture And Traditions

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    It is important to follow culture and traditions. A culture and traditions gives a unique identity to an individual. Culture is something that everyone follows on that group or society. Such as beliefs. Tradition is something that pasted over generation to generation where people follow culture and its custom. “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker is about an African American family and how the two daughters of that family follow and values their culture and traditions in different ways. The story discusses

  • The Maori Tradition And Catholic Tradition

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    We are taught life and death through maori tradition and Catholic tradition. We all know that death is when the heart physically stops functioning, but there are many different traditions and beliefs on what happens after death. The maori traditions are passed on through ancestors in past generations. Maori traditions are put in place to protect and care for the dead due to the fact that they believe in afterlife. There are life forces that stay with the person who has passed. It isn 't till these

  • Love and Tradition in Tradition In The Age of Innocence

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    Love and Tradition in Tradition In The Age of Innocence The Age of Innocence (Martin Scorsese, 1993) is a film about love and tradition set in New York City during the 1870's. The main character, Neulan Archer, is torn between his traditional and innocent fiancé, Mae, and her untraditional and controversial cousin, Countess Ellen Olenska. In a world of family tradition and proper behavior, a woman like Ellen, seeking divorce and freedom from her cheating

  • Scripture and Tradition

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    and do things that are not in the Bible? God’s Revelation is made known through Tradition and scripture. Both aspects of Revelation support each other and Apostolic Tradition is the guide. Let’s examine the explanation of the connection of Revelation with Tradition and Scripture, a description of how Tradition and Scripture support and complete each other, and an explanation of the meaning and the role Apostolic Tradition in supporting beliefs and practices not explicitly found in the Bible. Revelation

  • Nontraditional Traditions

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    of us honestly don't know how to celebrate together. We may even see the word "tradition" as something stultifying and old, having no meaning for or application to us personally; something usually being forced upon us by someone who smells funny and is only seen on holidays. What all of this means is that we can no longer simply follow the examples of old. It is up to us to create new family traditions. Celebrating is not hard. We all know about celebrating and have some ways of doing it

  • The Renouncer Tradition

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    The Renouncer Tradition Before I begin to explain what exactly the renouncer tradition is, I think that it is important to give a brief outline of the religious history pre-dating this tradition, and also to acknowledge the social life at the time and its mentality. By the time that the renouncer tradition was beginning to establish some recognition, sixth century B.C.E, a group of texts called the Veda had been in existence and had been enjoying their religious influence upon the Indian

  • The Importance Of Traditions

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    I believe that traditions are very powerful and can shape how a person thinks. I also think that traditions can shape our lives and the choices that we make or do not make in our lives. Traditions can be learned as we live our life, or they can be taught to us from an early age. I believe it is very important for people to figure out what traditions they truly believe in, and how they are affecting they lives. We should research our traditions and not take any ones word for them, but we should only