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    The Lovely Bones: Book Review Commendable literature is a story; a story that in essence can captivate the mind, leave you yearning for more, has a cherished moral, and can be valued by future generations. The Lovely Bones’ readers, reading a heart-rending and intense story from the point view of someone who has already departed from earth, fully motivated me, as a reader, to retain an open-mind throughout the book. Comparable to most stories I have to read for academic purposes, I did not dread

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    while others invite it into their lives either out of curiosity or hope. As for Susie Salmon, she neither feared death nor encouraged it. Her murder was an unexpected one, but George Harvey was the only one expecting this moment for weeks. The Lovely Bones (novel by Alice Sebold and movie directed by Peter Jackson) describes the fictional incident of a young girl that is murdered, and her struggle to maintain a portal to the mortal world to contact her family, while also finding within herself, the

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    Have you ever wondered what happens to people whose lives are stolen by others? People who had uncompleted business? Alice Sebold’s novel The Lovely Bones demonstrates that death is unavoidable through the narration of a dead, 14 year old girl who narrates her own death in great detail. She has been dead since December 6th, 1973 and was murdered by a neighbour named George Harvey. Furthermore, this tragic event leads to the search for closure by Susie Salmon, her family and her friends. The path

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    still sneaks away to watch her family because she can't help it, and sometimes they still think of her because they can't help it either. I find myself thinking about this novel, because, well, I can't help that either. It is not that the The Lovely Bones makes light of this kind of tragedy, but it does bring some healthy insight into the role of death in our lives. "That in the air between the living, spirits bob and weave and laugh with us. They are the oxygen we breathe."

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    The Lovely Bones Traumatic Changes When bad things happen bad reactions occur, depending on what happened people could stay traumatized for long periods of time and even for life. In the beginning of The Lovely Bones, By Alice Sebold, Jack Salmon is an amazing husband and father but after Suzie’s gruesome death he becomes very lost and confused. This traumatic event causes him a radical transformation. In Alice Sebold’s The Lovely Bones, Jack is a responsible adult and did a good job as a father

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    First of all, ‘The Lovely Bones’ is about a girl named Susie Salmon and tells a story of how she died and how people get along together and live without her. She was a normal fourteen-year-old girl when she was murdered in the novel 's opening pages. She narrates the rest of her story from heaven, often returning to Earth to watch over her loved ones; mostly family, some friends and Mr. Harvey and the other people he kills. ‘Lovely Bones’ is represents Susie’s body the connection of heaven to earth

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    Alice Sebold is an American author best known for her book, The Lovely Bones. She was born on September 6th, 1963, in Madison, Wisconsin. Sebold had a rough early life. Jane, Sebold’s mother was an alcoholic who suffered from panic and anxiety attacks regularly, which often left Sebold, and her sister Mary, on their own to fend for themselves. Sebold’s father was a little more on the sensible side, he tried to ease some of the dysfunction in their family by moving to Pennsylvania. After graduating

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    One world up above where they can watch over the ones below. Susie in The Lovely Bones she has restricted use and effects on earth, because she is in heaven up above. Alice Sebold portrays these events through the view of Susie Salmon, Susie have the ability to know what everyone is thinking. Sebold shows that young love have many differences to those that are also in love, but mature. Susie the narrator, attitude toward the lover of young and old also is different. There is also a unique character

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    The narrator of The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold was a young girl named Susie Salmon. At the age of 14 she was raped and murdered by her neighbor. It happened on a cold snowy afternoon. After school, Susie took a shortcut through a cornfield to her Pennsylvanian home. On that day, Mr. Harvey, (a face she knew but still a stranger) was in the cornfield. He tells Susie about an underground hide-out that he had built, and it really struck Susie’s curiosity. Mr. Harvey lures Susie into the hole, and

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    In the novel Lovely Bones written by Alice Sebold, relationships are put to the test when Susie Salmon is brutally murdered and taken away from the hands of her family. The author explores how the grief and pain felt from the death of a loved one impacts relationships in both positive and negative ways. In many cases, the raw emotions felt by the characters as a result of Susie’s death help better their relationships. To begin with, Jack Salmon’s relationship with his youngest son Buckley is enhanced