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  • The Temperance Movement

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    started during the Temperance Movement, when proponents voluntarily abstained from alcohol. This abstention was due to alcohol’s, perceived, moral downfalls. However, slowly, the various provinces reversed their restrictions on alcohol and moved from prohibition to system of coordination. There were several reasons for this change: lack of enforcement, lack of effectiveness in goal, change in public support or thought, and economic factors. It is important to talk about the Temperance Movement to better

  • The Temperance Movement

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    The Temperance Movement Ask this question: What would happen if alcohol was banned from the U.S.? Well, that’s exactly what the Temperance Movement did. During the late 1800’s up until the 1930’s, the U.S. Government decided on the banning of alcohol for drinking. The reason for the movement is that crime rates we’re increasing, most of which were related to drinking. In order to try and get things lower, all bars were closed as well as all alcohol being burned or dumped. In the present day, one

  • Aristotle, Temperance, Pleasure, and Pain

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    Aristotle, Temperance, Pleasure, and Pain(1) ABSTRACT: Aristotle argues that temperance is the mean concerned with pleasure and pain (NE 1107b5-9 and 1117b25-27). Most commentators focus on the moderation of pleasures and hardly discuss how this virtue relates to pain. In what follows, I consider the place of pain in Aristotle’s discussion of temperance and resolve contradictory interpretations by turning to the following question: is temperance ever properly painful? In part one, I examine the

  • Theme of Temperance in The Faeirie Queene

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    Theme of Temperance in The Faeirie Queene The themes of temperance, that being the employment of restraint, or at least moderation, especially in the yielding to personal appetites or desires, and of intemperance, the submitting to such desires, pervade Book Two of The Faeirie Queene. Prior to describing individual rooms within the Castle of Alma, it is useful to briefly discuss how the idea of the castle functions within the Book. Spenser compares the towers of the structure with towers at Thebes

  • Learning Temperance in Homer’s Odyssey

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    Learning Temperance in Homer’s Odyssey Being a work of importance in the western tradition of philosophy, The Odyssey is much more than some play written by Homer ages ago. Though The Odyssey certainly is a dramatic work and partially intended for entertainment, it also provides insight into the ways of thinking of the time it has been written in. Aside from illustrating the perspective of early Greek philosophy The Odyssey also raises certain questions pertaining to virtues and the morality

  • Temperance Movement

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    Temperance Movement The Temperance Movement, the movement that was both helped and hurt by racism, the movement that was led by women and shut down 7,000 saloons. It all started when Maine adopted the very first state law that prohibited the sale of alcohol. The Temperance Movement involved a couple of different people. First off, it included France Willard. He became president of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union in 1874. Then months later she had been promoted to the organization of the National

  • The Great National Temperance Drink

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    The Great National Temperance Drink Coca-Cola Enterprises is the self-proclaimed largest bottler of "liquid, nonalcoholic refreshment" in the world. More than 350 million people live in Coke territory and since late last century most have been addicted to the sweetened water. Anyone who prefers sipping an ice-cold Coca-Cola Classic (or one of their companion sodas such as Diet Coke, Sprite, Mr. Pibb, Cherry Coke, Mello Yellow, etc.) should start deciding how much they are willing to pay for

  • The Antebellum Temperance Movement

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    Many may say that the Antebellum Temperance Movement was primarily motivated by religious moralism. I tend to take that stance as well. The Antebellum Temperance Movement of the 18th century was focused around the idea that people, mostly men, should abstain from alcohol if they could not drink the spirits in moderation. In this era, many women had suffered greatly because their loved ones would imbibe excessively leaving them short on money, food, and even shelter which left many impoverished and

  • American Temperance Movement

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    The desire to control alcohol consumption, or advocate temperance, has been a goal of humanity throughout countless periods of history. Many countries have had organized temperance movements, including Australia, Canada, Britain, Denmark, Poland, and of course, the United States. The American temperance movement was the most widespread reform movement of the 19th century, culminating in laws that completely banned the sale of all alcoholic beverages. The movement progressed from its humble local

  • Essay On The Temperance Movement

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    Alcohol was drunk in excess during the colonial periods, by the 1820’s the per capita annual consumption of alcohol was roughly three times the amount today. The Temperance movement was a social movement with the hopes to promote moderation when it came to drinking alcoholic beverages. The movement began to pick up steam around the 1830’s during these years many people formed unions or clubs to help tackle the problem of intemperance together. Though it seemed that in some circles they just wanted