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  • Supply Chain

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    In business terminology, supply chain is the name given to a network of facilities and distribution options that performs the functions of procurement of materials, their transformation into intermediate and finished products, and then later the distribution of these finished products to customers. Although it may seem that supply chains are only important to manufacturing industries, they exist in service industries also. The actual level of its complexity may, however, vary greatly from industry

  • supply chain

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    A supply chain (SC) is a network of organizations containing suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers. Each of these components plays its specific role in operations and production to supply needed products and required services to the end consumers. Each entity in this chain seeks its own benefits which can be obtained with or without collaboration with other chain entities. Depending on how decisions are made, there exist two major types of SCs. When each entity of SC

  • The Application Of Supply Chain Model In Food Supply Chain Management

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    Of Supply Chain Model In Food Supply Chain Management (Fresh fruit supply chain) Abstract : This article presents a literature review of the application of supply chain model in fresh produce supply chain management (FSCM). FSCM includes the processes from the production to consumption of fresh produce (fruits, flowers and vegetables). Design/methodology/approach – review is done by systematically collecting the existing literature. A case study focused on the application of supply chain model

  • Supply Chain

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    Introduction The supply chain constitutes the processes, which goods or services go through to reach the end user, including the design, manufacture, and delivery stages (Buxmann et al. 2004). Therefore, it encompasses suppliers, manufacturers, transporters, warehouses, wholesalers, retailers, and customers. According to Datta et al. (2008), all businesses and companies are part of one or more supply chains and depend on them to thrive. Nowadays, most companies want to understand the supply chain concept

  • Zara and supply chain

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    responsive supply chain. These adjustments to Zara’s supply chain proved to be successful and allowed them to open retail stores in more than seventy three countries. Today Zara is the world’s largest fashion retailer which is due to its vertically integrated value-chain and responsive supply chain. It is a well-known fact that Zara employs a team of over two hundred designers to implement the company’s “fast fashion” design principles. Without an efficient, well-planned, and organized supply chain

  • the cooperation in the supply chain

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    • Introduction: Cooperation and trust among partners within the supply chain requires investments in human and assets in developing the natural processes needed for impacting efficiently customers in the market place. In the early 80, companies act independ looking for vertical supply chain integration. But market globalization, new technologies and new inventory management techniques require sustainable relationships among suppliers and customers (Bechtel & Handfield, 2002). Companies that want

  • Supply Chain Management

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    Supply Chain Management Organizations always seek to have an efficient system of running operations. If operations are running smoothly, an organization can cut costs and increase its profitability. Since there are so many organizations offering the same goods or services, competition becomes very fierce. For an organization that wants to stay ahead of competition, efficiency in the supply chain is no longer an option but a priority. Each organization must therefore device techniques of streamlining

  • The Supply Chain Concept

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    Supply Chain Concept Introduction In today's competitive business environment many firms face the arduous mission of managing their supply chain. In an effort to gain competitive advantage, firms must make key decision involving logistics and operations management to move products and service across the supply chain. The materialization and attractiveness of the Internet has made supply chain management more attainable for business enterprises. Research shows that Internet-derived technology

  • Supply Chain Strategy: Barilla's Supply Chain Strategy

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    Barilla’s supply chain strategies includes the procurement of their raw materials, the transportation of the materials to their production plants, manufacturing the raw materials such as flour into packaged pasta and lastly the distribution of their products to Barilla central distribution centres. To increase responsiveness of the supply chain, Barilla can use supply chain drivers such as inventory, transportation, facilities and information. The inventory driver contains all raw materials, work

  • Supply Chain Literature

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    equality of slopes of the different treatment regression lines. The second article is An Empirical Investigation of the Relationship Between Product Nature and Supply Chain Strategy. This article studied data from data from 119 respondent organizations that were trying to determine if there were relationships that existed between supply chain strategies and product nature. The authors used factor analysis in conjunction with Fisher’s model as the framework, design, methodology, and approach to determine