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  • Sunshine

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    ‘Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind’ is a philosophically provocative film which tracks the relationship of two main characters, Joel and Clemantine, in their search for happiness. Saddened with the heartbreak from ending their relationship, they both undergo a memory removal procedure to erase their memory of each other in order to eliminate their emotional suffering. As the film unfolds, it becomes clear that having a ‘spotless mind’ does not ensure ‘eternal sunshine’, contrary to what the title

  • The Heat in Sunshine

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    frozen fish for me. As we continued our drive, I realized that this was really the first time in months that I had been without some kind of tension. The feeling washed over me as the A1A/Atlantic Avenue led us on a carefree path to our new home. Sunshine Realty Buster, a thin-faced man who looked like the birth child of Dorothy, no longer stuck in Kansas, combined with Elvis in his early years. He wore a white jumpsuit with a jeweled eagle shirt trimmed with gold studs. His high-collared shirt also

  • Happiness and Sunshine

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    song "The Sound of Sunshine Going Down" by Michael Franti and Spearhead is one such song. This song is a medium to express to the audience Franti and Spearhead's meaning of happiness. This song is a piece of popular culture that represents happiness due to the use of certain words and phrases in the lyrics of the song. One line that features words that represent happiness is, "And that's the sound of sunshine coming down" with the use of the phrase "sunshine coming down". Sunshine, clouds, and the

  • The Child of Sunshine

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    coloured dreams that only childhood permits. Molly would lay with her baby and listen to the ticking clock counting away the time of life itself. She would close her eyes and bring upon dreams of summer days spent when she was again the child of sunshine and warmth. Works Cited Molly looked down from her bedroom window and watched the two boys until they rounded the road’s curve and disappeared from sight. She loved her son dearly and it weighed heavy in her heart that he was transforming from

  • Morning Sunshine

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    Two of the children were already gone when we got in. The suspect shot my partner and then the girl who was left, before I got to him. I managed to disarm him before he offed himself, and he was prosecuted. The medics arrived too late to save my partner, he left behind a wife and four month old baby. I went to the funeral service but couldn't manage to go up to the casket. He had been my partner since I became a detective. The supervisor gave me mandatory vacation time, even with my pleading with

  • Morning Sunshine

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    The airport is always flogged with people, it is ridiculous the amount of noise in this place, and its early too, well early to me. Some strange movement next to the check in caught Mitch's attention.  "Hey... guys... I think there's something wrong there" he said uncertainly, attracting the curiosity from the group which now shrank to see anything unusual coming from the front of the queue. "I don't think I see any... " Kevin began to say, but was soon interrupted by a shrill scream that startled

  • Hurry Down Sunshine: Book Review: Hurry Down Sunshine

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    Review: Hurry Down Sunshine Michael Greenberg gained his fame from writing his own memoir Hurry Down Sunshine, about his daughter Sally who begins to suffer from manic depression. Greenberg was born in 1952 and has only written two books, where the second one did not gain as much fame as Hurry Down Sunshine depicted an internal struggle with his own family. There is not much information on Michael Greenberg except for the fact that he continues his life in New York. Hurry Down Sunshine attempts to recreate

  • Graduation Speech : Sunshine Company

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    Sunshine company faces the nonexistence loyalty from their own employees. Although the company needs to change their recruitment process, even then they might still have dishonest employees running their stores. This limitation is crucial because Sunshine is losing revenue every year. In addition, if their customers find out the branch managers have been pocketing their extra money they could be saving they will lose loyal customers. Sunshine can control who they hire however they may still be hiring

  • The Sunshine State: California

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    The Sunshine State Choosing a vacation destination can be difficult. When deciding a destination there are many things to consider. Two of the most important considerations are the climate, and activities that are available. California is one of the top destinations for many people. California is also known as the “Sunshine State”. The beautiful state has many things to offer for families, couples, and singles. The top places that are visited in Southern California include many amusements and

  • Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

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    The mind is a complex entity – how can such a thing be spotless? Can something that is made to intricately hold memories and execute thoughts and actions based upon said reminiscences be so untarnished? Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind discusses, through impeccable motion picture, this idea of the “spotless mind”. The compelling story begins when emotionally reserved Joel is headed to work in New York City one morning when he feels an incomprehensible compulsion to call off from his job and