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  • Summer Reading

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    Summer Reading It was a bright, hot summer day when it all happened. I could have been sitting at the beach or swimming. Although that was not the case. I had to actually put effort into something, to actually think , to actually well, read. I went upstairs to find the summer reading list. I looked through pile after pile of school computer printouts but still no luck of that little reading list. I began to get frustrated and decided the best thing to do now would be to take a break, and

  • Summer Reading

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    Over the course of this summer I read four books. The books I read were Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J K Rowling, The Giver by Lois Lowry, Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix, and Number the Stars by Lois Lowry again.     Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J K Rowling was the first book I read this summer and I really liked it. I decided to read the 5th Harry Potter book because I had it and I never really got a chance to read it. The book begins were it had left

  • summer reading

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    Summer reading is given to students every year. It is an assignment handed out which is to be completed by the time school starts next year. It is compiled of a list of books in which one must be chosen and read. The assignment also includes a project, usually one that requires time and effort that must be completed as well. Schools are out for the summer. There are no more teachers and no more books. Students are ready for two months of summer fun. Going to the beach and hanging out with friends

  • Summer Reading

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    To follow a life of success, happiness, and fulfillment will always begin by observing ourselves, from finding inner peace, figuring out your purpose, and pursuing it through hard work with the passion to commit in to our goal that will shape up our life. Without persistence and hard work it is impossible to succeed. A life without direction could lead to a path of uncertainty and without contentment. Also a life without inner peace is a life without true happiness. To follow a life of success, happiness

  • Summer Reading

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    Over summer we were assigned to read two books. The first one was the loved one by Evelyn Waugh, which was a relatively short book. And the second one was the endurance by Caroline Alexander, which was a pretty thick book. Both books that were assigned to me over summer have an element from the story that relates to my life experience. In the endurance, the crew tries to cross the whole Antarctic continent but then they sink the ship because it gets ice locked and it crushes. So they have to travel

  • Summer Reading Assignment

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    Summer Reading Assignment The novels The Loved One, and Endurance can both easily be related to my life, and the world that I live in today. Each of these stories has a meaning that is timeless, and contains morals that can never be dated. Each story has something to offer the reader on many levels. It may teach a lesson, reveal a truth or just simply entertain. Out of these stories I will make a connection to one or more of my personal experiences, a text-to-text connection, and a connection between

  • Summer Reading Comparison

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    Over the long period of summer I read two books that, despite their Genre are based on the same theme. Both “The Radioactive Boy Scout” by Ken Silverstein and “The High Lord” by Trudi Canavan are both about a protagonist fighting to achieve an almost impossible goal. Ken Silverstein brings forth an obsessive character, “David Hahn”, utilizing science, to enlighten the reader of the unique characteristics of a true whiz kid and a scientist, on the other hand, Trudi Canavan, produces a black magician's

  • Why I Read

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    "Why did you read all four books?" a peer asked me after I revealed my summer reading list. "Well," I said, "I thought they would punish me if I didn't." Was this a total lie to get someone off my back, or was it the truth? While it was probably a combination of both, I decided I read for myself. I read to find out about the issues I had been struggling with, like time and humanity. To have feelings that I have never experienced and to escape. With these books I was no longer a scared middle-class

  • Walking the Path of Discovery

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    solution paths lead nowhere. My research project was to study complex number dynamical systems. Since I had just completed my freshman year, I was not well enough educated to produce any groundbreaking results. Accordingly, I spent the summer reading various texts on the subject and learning how to code graphics programs that could demonstrate fundamental phenomena. My research culminated in a computer program that allowed the user to visualize the famous Mandelbrot Set and its corresponding

  • scarlet letter

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    Summer Reading: The Scarlet Letter In the novel The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne symbolism is prevalent, understanding symbolism is necessary for understanding Hawthorne’s novels. The rosebush is a symbol in the novel. It is rendered through the characters of Hester and Pearl in how they are perceived by the people. Hester Prynne has been convicted of being an adulteress. She is put on a scaffold as a form of public humiliation and told to wear a Scarlet A on her breast to identify herself