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  • Stewardship

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    circles we hear the word stewardship. Not only is stewardship one of the basic issues discussed in scripture, but it’s also something we neglect as something we need to concentrate on while going through our own Christian walk. We live in a society that is very individualistic, concentrating on whatever will bring pleasure and make us feel good. Stewardship definitely doesn’t fit into the way society is today. Before going to far into this, what exactly is stewardship? Stewardship is taking care of or

  • Forest Management: The Forest Stewardship Council

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    Contents: 1. Introduction to FSC 2. Controlling Entities of the FSC 3. Benefits of FSC accreditation 4. Process of obtaining the FSC certification 5. Problems the FSC pose for South Africa 6. Bibliography 1) Introduction to FSC The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international, non-profit organization which was established in 1993 by multiple stakeholders. The FSC’s primary objective is to positively influence sustainable and responsible forest management in plantations worldwide. They

  • Persuasive Essay: Christians Should Oppose Euthanasia

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    to kill a suffering patient, however, is very different from a decision to refuse extraordinary or disproportionately burdensome treatment. As Christians, we believe that life is the most basic gift of a loving God--a gift over which we have stewardship but not absolute dominion. Our tradition, declaring a moral obligation to care for our own life and health and to seek such care from others, recognizes that we are not morally obligated to use all available medical procedures in every set of circumstances

  • The Talloires Motivation

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    The Talloires Motivation Stewardship: “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Sustainability: “life that uses nature without bringing harm to it.” The concept of using resources without endangering their future availability is an ideal that only within the past couple decades has gained support within the collegiate world. The severe need for this principle caused twenty-two university presidents and

  • Desconstruction of the Moderinistic Myth in Quinn's Ishmael

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    quick to criticize Quinn. If the use of the word “stewardship” really “instills a healthy dose of love and responsibility for the natural world,” as you suggest it does, I don’t believe Quinn or Ehrenfeld or Orr would have many problems with our using it as platform for discussion to move forward. But I suspect that all three writers are fearful that most of us don’t differentiate between “stewardship” and “dominion,” also that our “stewardship” will likely not be practiced with enough humility--e

  • An Argument For Sustainable Agriculture

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    An Argument For Sustainable Agriculture Introduction Merriam-Webster's online dictionary defines stewardship as "the careful and responsible management of something entrusted in one's care" (Merriam-Webster, 2015). Sustainable agriculture is a method that does not deplete soil, water, air, wildlife or human community resources ("Community Alliance with," 1997). These two principles describe a type of farming that practices responsible management of the land in a way that does not deplete

  • Christians' Beliefs About Their Responsibilities for the Universe

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    Beliefs About Their Responsibilities for the Universe The word "stewardship" is defined as "looking after something that is not your own; caring for it on behalf of an owner and then returning it." Human beings are the custodians and trustees of creation. Our role is to act as 'stewards' of the world God has created for us and look after the planet and maintain it for future generations. The Bible discusses Christian stewardship and the human responsibility of the created universe clearly and

  • Sermon: Wanting, Giving And Getting

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    floor. I was stunned. Hadn’t I just gone through this closet and taken out a few dozen things and taken them to the local thrift store? How could this happen? My recent wardrobe purge was the result of a class I took in seminary last semester about stewardship. Some of the early sessions focused on American consumerism and how it hurts our pocketbooks, the environment, and even our souls. We did an exercise which included a visualization of our living space, and we tried to imagine what we would take

  • Post-graduate Traveling Fellowship Recipient

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    generations, the Malagasy will need to conceive of their natural environment in a different way. Only through direct contact with environmental reality can students develop a real appreciation and understanding of nature that leads to a sense of stewardship and a desire to protec... ... middle of paper ... ...n Antananarivo, these university students will assume director's roles and the program will thus expand to include more interested children. Upon my departure, these directors will completely

  • Why I Volunteer

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    "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Ghandi I believe I have been truly blessed to have the opportunity to grow up in Smallville, USA, in a home where my parents have instilled in me the principle that there is a service requirement beyond our immediate household. Realizing what has been provided for me by my parents, my church and my community, I want to use my college degree to serve my community. Not only have my parents modeled before me that we are to volunteer