St. Louis

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  • Poverty in St. Louis

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    Economic History of St. Louis The Gateway Arch is a monument that renders St. Louis, MO as the Gateway to the West. However, it was not until 1764 that Pierre Laclede and Auguste Chouteau declared the land along the Mississippi river as the city of St. Louis (The Authority of the United States of America, 1904). St. Louis was not a city that developed overnight. According to The Authority of the United States of America (1904), it took over a half of a century for the population to reach 5,000

  • St. Louis Principles

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    In order for the St. Louis population to rise again, and the metropolitan to flourish once more, the mayor and local council should consider coming up with new policies and shaping the already existing ones. For this to happen, they must have a brief oversight of how the city functions. With the ever-increasing population, St, Louis should use this to their advantage to make it prosper. Since the conception of the town in the 50’s, the town should maintain and preserve its heritage and culture(Glaeser

  • History of st. louis

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    St Louis has changed their dominant political arty throughout the years, such as the United States have because of the ideas of the political parties. At the creation of St. Louis the mayors were all whigs 1823-1842 (St. Louis Public Library 2001), the whig party was created to go against Andrew Jackson and his ideas implemented to the U.S. From the years1842-1857 the political parties switched from democratics to know nothings/American and whigs party (St. Louis Public Library 2001). Than from 1857-1943

  • Spirit Of St. Louis

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    The Spirit of St. Louis      “I don’t think about it...There was no blinding light, no angels coming to take me home.”      Chris Pronger is one of the premier hockey players in the world. With his 6’6”, 220 lbs. frame, Chris Pronger dominates other teams while on the ice and has become one of those special players who can control a game. The defenseman out of Dryden, Ontario has come around full circle since arriving in the NHL as the

  • St. Louis Communities

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    met anyone in St. Louis, this is probably one of the first questions asked. Whether you are from the city, county, north, south, east or west, most people in St. Louis are convinced that they can identify you by what community you come from. The actual city of St. Louis is broken into three main parts; the North Side, South City and the Central West End. The three areas combined have approximately eighty established neighborhoods. If you decide to add the western part of St. Louis County, this number

  • History of st. louis

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    city itself. St. Louis falls into this category because cities were once the focal point of the national agenda and presidents sought to increase the importance and services of the city. This was done in St. Louis with programs being created, unions and the attention that the World’s Fair brought to make St. Louis one of the best cities in the early 20th century. However, as suburbanization was happening the focus of the nation was to the growing middle class and suburbs. St. Louis was afurcted by

  • Making the St. Louis Connection

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    Camposanto was repaired because it has a historic background that provides cultural that future generations need to be aware of. Not only were there important art work and buildings during World War II but there are also important cultural gems in St. Louis. Cultural is important because people of today can learn from the past and be educated about where we came from and it allows future generations to be educated about the past as well. Cultural also is a way of understanding yourself and how you live

  • History: The History Of St. Louis

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    Every city has a history to it. Some are very old; some are very new. Some are interesting; some are not so interesting. The city of St. Louis has an old and interesting past. Many events were held in St. Louis that many people don’t realize. Two of the biggest events in the world have been held in St. Louis, Missouri. Also, these events were held in the same year. The first event was the 1904 World’s Fair, but that same year, visitors could attend the Summer Olympic Games as well. What is a World’s

  • History and Overview of St. Louis

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    Would you think that St. Louis would be a magnificent place or a horrible terrifying place to be or go? There are some positive and also some negative reasons why St. Louis is a horrible place or a magnificent place. St. Louis is a violent place sometimes but it can also be a beautiful place. Even though St. Louis has a high crime rating it is still a nice city. St. Louis is a well- liked city because of all its attractions and things to do. It would be a nice place to go if you want to go on a vacation

  • The Great Depression Of St. Louis

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    The 1930s plagued St. Louis with unrelenting economic hardships until war based economies began to prepare for the inevitable global conflict of the early 1940s. World War II revitalized the economy of the St. Louis region and relieved the population from the constraints of the Great Depression. The city experienced a 50% decrease in manufacturing, and unemployment levels greater than 30% by the end of 1933. Projects through the Works Progress Administration put people to work, but did little in