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  • A Cure For Shyness?

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    A Cure For Shyness? Many of us experience a pounding heartbeat or shaking when faced with a public situation, especially if we think we are going to be judged by others. When does this cross the line between normal and a mores serious disorder? Social anxiety disorder, a relatively newly recognized disorder by the psychiatric profession, involves many of the same symptoms as shyness. What makes the difference between a case of the jitters and a real disorder? Social Anxiety Disorder was first

  • Shyness

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    has always been a characteristic that was thought to be innate, however recently there have been many studies attempting to define and find cause of these traits that have been coined “shyness and self-confidence”. An article written in the Social Psychology Quarterly by Philip Manning and George Ray entitled “Shyness, Self-Confidence, and Social Interaction” explores an experiment that was preformed at a mid-western university and attempts to define characteristics of shy and self-confident people

  • Shyness

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    Shyness can mean feeling uncomfortable, self-conscious, nervous, timid, or insecure. People who feel shy in situations may sometimes notice physical sensations such as blushing, feeling shaky, at a loss for words, and shortness of breath or accelerated breathing. When people feel shy, they tend to hold back and hesitate from saying or doing something because they're feeling unsure of themselves or what they may say, and are afraid others may judge them and what they say. But shyness does not have

  • Shyness, innate or social quality? - A research paper on shyness

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    magazine Psychology Today, shyness is "awkwardness or apprehension some people feel when approaching or being approached by other people". Over the past 40 years, the percentage of people who consider themselves shy has risen to nearly 50% (Henderson). The significant number of shy people has sparked many researchers to find out what causes this so-called symptom. After numerous experiments and researches, it is accepted that there are several factors that can lead to shyness. Moreover, there are many

  • Skills Project--Shyness

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    life I have been shy. Also, all my life I’ve been hearing people say, “She will grow out of it.” I’m 20 years old and the shyness is still here. As a kid you can get by being shy but as an adult, shyness can hold you back in many aspects of your life. DESCRIBING PATTERNS OF BEHAVIOR: After two weeks of recording my behaviors I’ve come to realize in what situations my shyness comes into play most often. There are very few situations that I feel comfortable with myself, allowing me to speak freely

  • Essay About Shyness

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    Shyness is a sentiment to feel awkward and tensed during social encounter especially in meeting with unfamiliar person. A feeling of apprehension and nervousness causes a person to confront face scanning and so he shy to make eye contact with others. It is a type of social phobia and is referred as social anxiety. Shy people have special symptoms of blushing, sweating and they have pessimistic feelings about themselves like worrying about how others ponder them. They become vigilant about their

  • The Importance Of Overcoming Shyness

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    consideration and since this class has brought up so many subjects that I have never really thought about, especially at this level, the long term goal that I would like to achieve, which would have a huge impact on my life as a whole, is my shyness. Shyness is something that causes fears and anxieties in a lot of people. Overcoming this obstacle will have a great impact on a lot of areas in my life. There are a lot of people that suffer from social anxiety and fear of public speaking with most

  • Treatment and Management of Shyness in Children

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    Treatment and Management of Shyness in Children Research and studies have found that shyness in children could be due to genetic, temperamental, and environmental influences (Jaffe, 1991, p. 270, & Zimbardo 1995, p. 56). This paper aims to discuss the types of shyness, the influences on shyness, the difference between normal and problematic shyness. Lastly, strategies will be presented to help the shy child. The basic feeling of shyness is a common problem not only among children

  • Childhood Shyness and Childrens Literature

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    Childhood Shyness and Childrens Literature Understanding the Distress of Children Who Suffer from Shyness Almost everyone has felt shy at some point in his or her life. Feeling uncomfortable or anxious in a new social setting is not uncommon or something to be overly concerned about; however, there are many people whose lives suffer because of their shyness. Shyness can have many harmful effects on a person’s emotional and social well being (Bruch, 1999). Even though research on shyness has mainly

  • Social Phobia or Just Shyness

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    Social Phobia or Just Shyness As pharmaceutical companies began advertising on television several years ago, many prescription drug advertisements flooded the airwaves. One such drug was for the treatment of "social anxiety disorder," also called "social phobia." In investigating the causes, symptoms, and treatment of social anxiety disorder, I found that while drug companies and some researchers have hailed the unveiling of a drug for social anxiety as an important step, others feel that the