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  • The Role of the Character Bamforth and How he Changes in the Play The Long and the Short and the Tall by Willis Hall

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    of the Character Bamforth and How he Changes in the Play The Long and the Short and the Tall by Willis Hall Private Bamforth is an arrogant soldier from London who pays no respect to authority. He is racist, well educated, aggressive, and seeks argument wherever possible. Bamforth stands out in the patrol as he always hopes to be the center of attention and nearly participates in every single conversation. In the first part of the play, the author uses Bamforth to induce humour into the

  • Play Structure: A Short Story

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    There was a warm breeze coming from the ocean, it was 2013. The heat was slamming against the play structure making it really warm. I told my mom the whole way there how excited I was. I was the happiest person to play on the play structure although I didn't know what could happen. I went with a few of my friend such as; Bella, Sydney, and Ethan we were playing all over the play structure we went on the swings. We had snacks, we played with the little stream. Until we saw the rock climbing wall

  • Ayckbourn's Short Plays and Themes of Isolation and Loneliness

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    Ayckbourn's Short Plays and Themes of Isolation and Loneliness Isolation and loneliness are common themes in three of Ayckbourn's short plays. It appears, in varying degrees within MF, DC and TP but always is a problem/theme inside each play. MF starts off with on the first page with a strong image of Lucy being isolated from the world outside., "she lifts the receiver then replaces it immediately" and "the door chimes again. Lucy ignores these". Lucy is isolating herself from people at

  • Compare And Contrast Trifles And A Jury Of Her Peers

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    One in the same In this play there is a murder but who is a mystery until the woman of the house is pointed at but what would her motive be? In this essay we will be comparing and contrasting the play Trifles and the short story “A jury of her peers” both written by Susan Glaspell and her character, plot and perspectives. The characters in Trifles you get to see emotions rather then characterization. Since it is a play the audience must derive what they are feeling based off of the emotion shown

  • Compare And Contrast Trifles And A Jury Of Her Peers

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    Susan Glaspell’s short story “A Jury of Her Peers” is a repeated “Trifles”, but with more details. Both the play and the short story have the same plot and characters. Even though Susan Glaspell’s “A Jury of Her Peers” is a more detailed Trifles, there are three aspect of differentiation between the story and the play, including exposition, character feelings, and story details. The exposition of both Trifles and A Jury of Her Peers starts in an untidy kitchen. In the play, the gloomy kitchen is

  • Comparison Of Trifles 'And A Jury Of Her Peers'

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    The play, Trifles, is about Mrs. Wright’s murder, while Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters figure out the reasoning and who committed the crime. The short story, “A Jury of Her Peers” is the same story but retold in a different fashion with a few details changed. This change in storytelling creates changes to the story by using thoughts and narration more often than only using conversation and action. The changes between Susan Glaspell’s Trifles and “A Jury of Her Peers” are shown by the changes in the opening

  • Good John Maloney

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    John Maloney’s “Good!” A short (14-line) poem encompasses the fast paced events within a Basketball game. The intense play-by-play imagery Maloney gives us displays his knowledge of Basketball and his love of the sport. There The poem is narrated in a limited third person perspective of a player that gains possession of the basketball after a rebound. The poet focuses the narrative on the actions directly following him gaining possession of the basketball. The determination the poet feels to keep

  • Susan Glaspell's A Jury Of Her Peers

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    Glaspell wrote the play “Trifles” and she wrote a short story version of the play called “A Jury of Her Peers”. Susan Glaspell, in full Susan Keating Glaspell, (born July 1, 1876, Davenport, Iowa, U.S.—died July 27, 1948, Provincetown, Mass.), American dramatist and novelist who, with her husband, George Cram Cook, founded the influential Provincetown Players in 1915. Glaspell graduated in 1899 from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. In college she had published a few short stories in the Youth’s

  • Similarities Between Trifles And A Jury Of Her Peers

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    Changes in “Trifles” vs. “Jury of Her Peers” Although the play Trifles and the short story “Jury of her peers” are very similar there are some differences throughout the play and story from the characters, title, and the description. Susan Glaspell wrote both the story and play. Susan Glaspell wrote Trifles, her first play, was performed and published in 1916; the following year Glaspell wrote “A Jury for Her Peers” as a short story version of the same story in order to reach a wider audience. Both

  • Reading A Play 'The Blizzard'

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    expression. All with their differences and similarities. All with their appeals and disadvantages. However perhaps the most intriguing art form are plays. A play is a tremendously unique form of art; plays are considered both literature and performance art a double characterization that no other art forums share. Due to this dual characterization, a play can be judged on various aspects depending on what someone is critiquing. When in performance someone may be able to judge a myriad of factors: the

  • Drama coursework: response portfolio Scaramouche Jones

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    coursework: response portfolio Scaramouche Jones This year in year 10 G.C.S.E. drama we have been studying Justin Butchers play “Scaramouche Jones”. We read, discussed, developed and preformed certain parts of the play and using some of the explorative strategies of drama we gained a deeper understanding and appreciation of the play text that was explored. Before we began to read the play text we were put into groups of 2 and we were made to perform a one minute piece of a clown show. This sketch was based

  • What Does Basketball Mean To You Essay

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    to think fast on what the best option would be. She also likes supporting her team and watching the game. But she dislikes when people get in her face about if she missed a shot or got a foul. Also that she is short so people tower over her and she can’t get good shots because she is so short. (I know how that feels) She doesn't like practices either because we have to run a lot sometimes or participate in things that we don't want to do. But in the end she learned that every practice made her better

  • Gender Roles Revealed In Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing

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    Nothing” is a play that’s plot revolves around heterosexual romantic relationships. Despite its status as a comedy, it contains some serious social commentary about these relationships. An example of this commentary is seen in act 2 scene 3, when Balthasar sings a song to Don Pedro, Leonato, Claudio and Benedick. While the song is short, it is full of meaning as it both offers commentary on the gender roles within relationships and foreshadows much of the conflict that happens later in the play. Through

  • Personal Narrative: Soccer In My Life

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    I have never played a single second in a game of soccer in my life, and people said I should play soccer because I am really good at it. So it was back in Kindergarten when we started doing soccer for a PE lesson. And as kids they wouldn’t be as good as kids like in 2nd Grade so they taught us how to kick the ball, how to play the game, what to do,etc. The main thing we had to learn was kicking the ball. The teachers just taught us how to kick the ball. Just kick the ball. So people were wondering

  • Risks Involved in the Game of Netball

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    working muscles. A cool down is also essential to remove lactic acid to stop it pooling which would cause cramp. Fitness · You need to be reasonably fit to play sport, being fit can reduce the possibility of injury, if you are unfit you are automatically increasing the risk of injury. If injured you will physically be not able to play your sport, meaning your fitness will atrophy and deteriorate. In netball the centre players; Centre, Wing attack, Wing defence, Goal attack and Goal defence

  • The Afterpiece

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    The Afterpiece: How and Why "Afterpieces were short, humorous playlets which followed the five act main attraction and concluded the theatrical evening in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries" (Bevis vii). During the eighteenth century the afterpiece became a fixture of the English theatre, but double billing was not a practice unique to English theatre. It was done in France during the late seventeenth century and probably had been experimented with elsewhere. But the afterpiece in England

  • Compare And Contrast Trifles And A Jury Of Her Peers

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    A Comparative Contrast, Trifle and A Jury of Her Peers Before A Jury of Her Peers came Trifles, a play about the investigation of an unlikely suicide following a couple of women that withhold evidence that could convict their friend of murder. Trifles was published in the same year it was first performed on the eighth of August, 1916 and shortly after was turned into a short story on March 5, 1917. However, regardless of both stories sharing plot and direction they have enough differences to warrant

  • A View From The Bridge

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    These themes therefore, play a big part in a view from the bridge. The play is structured within 2 acts leaving the play free of intervals. This makes the play short and effective. Miller created a short and simple story line to send out a message to his audience. The message was that hatred can have a domino effect; it could lead to death and destruction of families therefore this play could be classified as a classic tragedy. Miller builds tension throughout the play. We see right from the

  • Jess's Expectations In The Film, Bend It Like Beckham

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    she wanted to be a professional soccer player or “football player,” but her parents had different plans for her. For Jess she wants to follow her dreams and play soccer, but her parents wish for her to get a husband like her sister. Through the film Jess gets noticed by a soccer team and is asked to play… But she has to wear shorts to play which is one thing that goes against her religious beliefs and even her own. Though she can deal with going against her mother's wishes, she has internal conflicts

  • Figurative Language In Mere Mortals

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    from illness, accidents, and natural causes. In this play the concept of mortality is woven throughout using comedy to get the point across. Mere Mortals by David Ives is piece made up of six one-act comedies put together to create one big play. With the first look at these six acts it is as if there is absolutely no connection to them, as if they are just six random plays thrown together. However, with further inspection it is seen that these plays have a few things in common. For one, theme, they