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  • Shit

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    Cornerstone Graphics What is Web Page Design? The World Wide Web is comprised of interconnected documents stored on the global network of computers known as the Internet. The documents are called Web pages. Linked pages are called Web sites. Web sites are uniquely formatted to provide information, collect information, and to capture the attention of consumers. In today's global marketplace, a presence on the World Wide Web is vital to business success. Creating effective and appealing Web

  • junk and shit

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    Reflection or Fabrication?” Since the beginning of civilized society, man has been infatuated with entertainment. From the ancient Grecian Plays and bloody Roman gladiators to Hollywood productions and Broadway musicals, people have always loved to be entertained. The forms of entertainment have changed, but not the effects that they have on the spectators. Movies, Television, Musicals, and even Music itself, all have a profound effect on the people who loose themselves in the magical (and

  • Nietzsche, Kundera, and Shit

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    is the focal point of society. Society assimilates difference and denies what cannot be assimilated. In his novel, The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Kundera relies on the word kitsch to describe the force of denial. "Kitsch is a absolute denial of shit" (Kundera 248). Kitsch is an inescapable part of the human condition. Though Nietzsche was not aware of the word, much of his philosophy is a reaction to the concept of kitsch. He wanted to revitalize passion, raw sensation, in hopes that he and

  • Roman Shit List

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    Romans were collectors and admirers of Greek art. Art from Greece was brought to Rome, copied, and also changed by the Romans. As a result, Roman art is somewhat based on Greek art. However, Roman art is not merely a continuation of Greek art. For an amateur it is difficult to determine between the two art forms because neither the Romans nor the Greeks wrote down the history of their own art. The characteristics pertaining to each particular type of art are known to some extent, so the experts

  • Stupid Friday Night Shit

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    of contest to see who can drink the most, the fastest. Joe Dumbass wins, and everybody cheers at how cool he is. Boy does he look real fucking cool two minutes later when he’s sprawled out on the floor puking in a punch bowl, babbling some gibberish shit because he forgot how to fucking talk. Now Mr. Dumbass gets his second wind and discovers that, all of a sudden, he’s the most handsome guy at the party and can stick his meat to anyone at the party he so chooses. Unfortunately, these same beer goggles

  • Now Ain't This Some Shit!

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    That Some Shit! Me and a dear friend of mine were sitting around just shoot'n the shit back and forth… No quarrels or ill intentions between the two of us whatsoever; all in good innocent humor out of the blue we just both took the notion to talk a little shit. A little shit about this shit, that shit, strange shit, wild shit, stupid shit… all sorts of bullshit. Then some crazy shit came to both of our minds almost as if this shit had in some way synchronized into some WOW type of shit. If you

  • English is so, like...ummm...the shit

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    There is a nutria loose in the Enlgish language and it is rapidly devouring words and phrases. The corrosive usage of slang is deteriorating proper, or standard forms of English. What most consider to be a passing fad has been evident for as long as the English language. Change in the grammar and diction of a language is natural, and English is always confronted with changes. However, at some point speech mutated due to a metastratizing principle in which the most annoying words in the language colonize

  • Shit I Do For Fun

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    To look into the mind of a television addict, we must look at the big picture… First we recognize the voluntary slavery that makes up the majority of modern life. A I see it, people get up early, put on work clothes, and “work like machines for the rest of the day” getting no satisfaction from their repetitive day-jobs. Then come home around seven o’clock to their families who have already had dinner, and the kids already getting in bed. By that time there is almost no room left for quality family

  • shit

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    Mandelbrot is a mathematician whose theories on fractals have made him a renowned figure in the world of economics. In his theories he described shapes mathematically with a feature of them being the ability to zoom in on them so as they appear self-similar. In this book, Mandelbrot attempts to apply this theory to financial markets along with two key points, price charts are self-similar, and that prices do not vary in random ways like it is widely accepted. The first part of the book is about the

  • a state of mind

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    SHIT? It is a whole state of mind... Réflechissez when you go to the john, you say itself... "Ah!!Je naturally t'en will shit a whore of large shit, Ca will shit of the bubbles!!!" BUT only same Etes you conscious of the existence of your own shit, fruit of your entrails... Jako Boeuf said, I cite:"Tout man equipped with an anus of surcoit conscious of its existence cannot be conceived without the Shit." By this Quotation Jako Ox, proves to us that the shit exists, moreover it lives in symbiosis