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  • Shirley Temple

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    Shirley Temple was a world renowned actress at a very young age. She was in many films and was adored worldwide. She was popular when the Great Depression was in play. Everyone knew her as a little dancing girl with curly red hair, and still that’s how she is remembered today. Shirley Temple was a very famous child star during the 1930’s and her legacy still lives today. Shirley Temple was born on April 23, 1928, in Santa Monica, California, and was a leading child film actress during the Great

  • America's Sweetheart: Shirley Temple

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    long-term struggle of the Great Depression. Shirley Temple, the dimpled, curly-haired child star dubbed “America’s Sweetheart,” was one such film star who brought hope to those affected by the Great Depression and left an enduring impression on the United States of America. Robinson 2 Before and during her rapid rise to Hollywood stardom, Temple’s family played an important role in her childhood. Born in Santa Monica, California on April 23, 1928, Temple was welcomed into the world by her parents

  • Shirley Temple Black Essay

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    Shirley Temple Black This darling little curly top young star became an extraordinary role model for many people during the Great Depression Era. So who is the little girl I refer to? I am speaking about Shirley Temple Black, perhaps best known to most of us as that little golden star “Shirley Temple”. She stared in many motion pictures and television roles such as Heidi, Little Miss Maker, Curly Top, and the Littlest Rebel, just to name a few. This young child became an exemplarily visionary

  • Shirley Temple

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    Francis Temple was her father (Shirley Temple). He was born in 1888 and eventually became a banker (Shirley Temple). Her mother's name was Gertrude Amelia Krieger, she was born in 1893(Shirley Temple). They had two sons whose names were: Jack Temple and George Jr. Temple (Shirley Temple). While expecting their first daughter Gertrude played the phonograph and attended dance recitals (Shirley Temple). Finally on April 23, 1929 a beautiful baby girl was born (Shirley Temple). Shirley was a baby

  • SHIRLEY TEMPLE: Greatest Star of the 1930's

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    experience happiness very often because of their money situations. However, there was one person who could turn any frown upside down, Shirley Temple. Shirley Temple, the best known child star of her time, ascended to unparalled box-office heights during the worst of the Great Depression, and brought humor and happiness to people in a time of great need. Shirley Temple was born on April 23, 1928, in Santa Monica, California at 9:00 p.m - a time significant to her because it told her she would always

  • Shirley Temple: The Girl who Gave the Country Hope

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    happy too. Her name was Shirley Temple. She won multiple awards and was very well rounded. However, not only was she famous for her movies and 56 ringlets; she was a woman that knew there was more to life than fame and fortune, and recognized that the world wasn’t all about her. On April 28, 1928, a star was born. Shirley grew up in Santa Monica, California, with wonderful parents, George and Gertrude Temple, and two older brothers, Jack and George Jr. (Severson). Mrs. Temple was a performer, and

  • Shirley Temple: Origins of the Optimistic Image

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    Shirley Temple: Origins of the Optimistic Image Shirley Temple. When the name is uttered an image of the dimpled faced, curly haired, tap dancing four year old from the 1930s automatically appears in everyone's mind. She was the child actress of the depression era, winning over the hearts and pocket books of many. Films, dolls and even a drink named after her, her face and name were ones that couldn't be missed. She was Fox's gem and saviour. She was an escape from the hard life. She was a star

  • Shirley Temples of the World

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    ideal standard for physical appearances is ingrained into every girl’s brain through dolls given during early childhood due their parents’ preconceived notions that they desire the same things they did (Morrison 20). B. Prominent figures such as Shirley Temple and even the Mary Jane depicted o...

  • Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye - Female Childhood Icons

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    foregrounding ugliness as a key element of internalized racism. How the children respond to these cultural representations of beauty is contrasted through the characters of Claudia and Pecola. Claudia rejects the childhood icons of white culture: Shirley Temple and the blond, blue-eyed dolls she received as presents. Pecola embraces them to the point of madness. Unloved and unwanted, she believes that her ugliness can only be erased by the virtual embodiment of white beauty, beauty symbolized for her

  • Big Eyes and an Even Bigger Career

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    family what movie they would like to see, and they respond by saying they would like to see the newest Shirley Temple movie. Shirley always brought a smile to their faces because of her optimistic attitude, her charm, and of course her incredible singing, dancing, and acting ability. Several families, just like yours, were choosing the Shirley Temple movies for this same reason. Shirley Temple brought happiness to even the saddest of people during the Great Depression, and for this reason and several