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  • German shepherd Dog

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    For thousands of years dogs have walked alongside man with loyalty, care, and friendship. Now there is the dog called the German shepherd and to me it is the most reliable of all the dogs. They have a history that is different from others, they can be trained to always stand by you, they are strictly bred to perfection, and they have done many great heroic actions. I should get a German shepherd. The history of German shepherds is both remarkable and interesting. During the late 1890s, the first

  • Different Types of Dogs: A Shepherd

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    A Shepherd is an insanely amazing dog. These types of dogs can teach you so much. They are very intelligent animals. It is a fact that they are the second most popular dog in the world. A German Shepard is one of my favorite dogs, its definitely a beautiful animal. Shepherds are super watchful, and really curious. They can also be very loyal and always think they are the bosses when they’re around any other dogs. They’re super intelligent animals. Shepherds have a weird history. These types of dogs

  • Preparations for Owning a German Shepherd

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    Owning a German Shepherd Providing a Fenced in yard If you do not already have a fenced in yard you should consider getting your yard fenced, or installing an “invisible” fence. If you already have a fenced in yard you should check to ensure that it is secure. Make certain there are no spots around your fence where a German Shepherd could fit through. Check for loose planks in the fence that may be loosened by your German Shepherd. Buying a German Shepherd Bed German Shepherds are affectionate

  • Saving Sheep

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    from a variety of causes such as: wild animals, old age, disease, an error in giving birth, and much more which can really narrow down your herd. There are many ways to save your sheep from these causes such as: using llamas to protect them, guard dogs, and medicinal remedies. Llamas can be used to protect your sheep by scaring away and fighting with coyotes which is a major cause of dying sheep. Many people have never heard of this method of protecting sheep and still many have not believed it

  • History Of The German Shepherd

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    Max vom Stephanitz, founder of the German Shepherd breed said it best, “Utility is the true criterion of beauty.” The German Shepherd is a dying breed, not because it is losing popularity, but because it is drifting too far from it’s origin. Initially the breed was supposed to be versatile, confident, smart, courageous, and aloof to strangers. They were sable, grey, and black. They had straight backs, and normal functioning hind limbs. Health problems were nearly extinct. This breed still lives today

  • Rin Tin Tin

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    on a puppy that had been buried with him. According to the archaeologists, that tomb shows that the very first animal domesticated by the human race was the dog, which was mankind's hunting companion and pet since ancient times (Edelson, 28). In the catacombs of Hollywood we uncover another representative of this great canine legacy – a dog named Rin Tin Tin. He was one of the first animal “stars” beloved to not one man but to millions of fans around the world. This entertainment great changed Hollywood

  • Detection Dogs and their Training

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    Graham Vest stated, “the one absolutely unselfish friend a man may have in this selfish world….is the dog” at a Missouri trial in 1870, over 500 years after the first instalment of dogs in civil services (Orbaan, 15). Unlike man, canines possess a courageous attribute that does not fail even in the moment of an emergency and will not back down to daily challenges that may arise on the job each day. Law enforcement agencies around the world, both big and small, employ canines to assist officers in

  • Death is a turd

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    I remember it. She, Sami, was a German Shepherd and black Labrador mix but, you wouldn't know that by looking at her. She looked like a midget German Shepard no sign of the lab in her at all. We received her from a friend of my momma. I was very fond of her and she was my favorite of the 11 dogs we had at the time. I taught her to sit shake and roll over. She was very playful and always wanted to play in the mornings when I went to feed the 9 outside dogs. She was always a little more aggressive

  • A Veteran Banned From Military Housing

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    Doberman Pinschers and German Shepherd dogs mark 100 years with the AKC. Both German Shepherds and Dobermans were the Devil Dogs in WWII (Mahood). Both dog breeds have given years of service to the military. Both dogs have been faithful loyal companions and incredibly intelligent. Both dogs are ranked in the top five for obedience and working intelligence (“Dog intelligence rankings”). Yet, the German Shepherd is currently the military police’s working dog and its veteran companion, the Doberman

  • A Career in The Field of Veterinary Medicine

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    them home every night, and hand-feeding them every couple hours. While the staff and volunteers was ready to hand feed the pups for weeks but they got an assist from a German shepherd named Timber that had recently come to the shelter. This dog was unknown pregnant to the staff until they realized she was pregnant when the dog was getting little larger. Later, she gave birth by emergency caesarian section at the Mountain View Veterinary Hospital to just two puppies.(“Claxton, Matthew , and Langley