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  • Sexual Assault And Sexual Assaults

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    it is also a hotbed for sexual assault. Each year, thousands of men and women take an oath to serve and protect their country and each thousands of military service members are sexually assaulted. “Earlier this week, Pentagon officials released a new report which estimated more than 70 sexual assaults occur in the military each day.”(Shane III) Fear of retaliation, both personal and professional, and humiliation stop many service members from reporting their sexual assaults. Those few that make the

  • Military Sexual Assault

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    protect us, are becoming victims, help just a fleeting hope? America’s military is experiencing this epidemic currently. The epidemic is known as sexual assault. The commanding officers in charge of protecting our armed forces from undue violence can, in fact, be the ones hindering their safety and justice based on a myriad of discriminations. Sexual assault cases need to be taken away from military authorities and put into the hands of the civilian justice system to avoid unfair trials and mistreatment

  • Sexual Assault Case Study

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    Statement of Problem Sexual assault is a global issue, where individuals fall victim every day. Sexual assault does not have; an age, race, sex, religion, or sexual orientation, it has no preference. Since fear has a powerful effect on people can it prevent and individual from reporting a sexual assault. My question is, why do individual not report sexual assaults committed towards them? Individuals may fear that their assault will harm them and retaliate against them for disclosing the incident

  • Argumentative Essay On Sexual Assault

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    Sexual assault is an offense that plagues many U.S. citizens. Although some studies show that rape is on the decline, other studies report that the phenomena actually occuring is that less rape victims are reporting the crime. In fact, approximately 68% of sexual assaults go unreported to the police according to the U.S. Department of Justice in a National Crime Victimization Survey from 2008-2012. It is common knowledge that rape victims are usually severely traumatized after the event, which leaves

  • Sexual Assault

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    Sexual Assault Sexual assault takes many forms including attacks such as rape or attempted rape, as well as any unwanted sexual contact or threats. Usually a sexual assault occurs when someone touches any part of another person's body in a sexual way, even through clothes, without that person's consent. Some types of sexual acts which fall under the category of sexual assault include forced sexual intercourse (rape), sodomy (oral or anal sexual acts), child molestation, incest, fondling and

  • Psychological Effects of Sexual Assault

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    Psychological Effects of Sexual Assault Sexual assault is a term that is used interchangeably with the word rape. The decision on whether or not to use the term rape or sexual assault is made by a state’s jurisdiction. Sexual assault is more readily used in an attempt to be more gender neutral (National Victim Center). Sexual assault can be most easily described as forced or unconsentual sexual intercourse. The individual that is performing these acts on the victim may either be a stranger or

  • Sexual Assault

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    same school. In order to gain some ground in the conversation of sexual assault, colleges should incorporate well lit campuses, the criminal justice system should work to diminish reports of sexual assault, and colleges should offer more supportive programs. In the article Sexual Assault and Rape Perpetration by College Men: The Role of the Big Five Personality Traits (Voller & Long, 2010, p. 457), the authors claim that “Sexual violence is a distressing problem in U.S. society, especially on college

  • Sexual Assault And Sex Assault

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    experience sexual assault during their four years in college. Over the four year college period, 27.2% of female students are victims of unwanted sexual contact that ranges from touching to rape (6). Sexual assault is far too common and it is an epidemic that faces many students in college. Many students suffer from the consequences of sexual assault, which is a result of many social and cultural deficiencies, but it can be fixed through a multifaceted approach. The problem of sexual assault can be fixed

  • Sexual Assault In The Military

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    Sexual assault in the military has become one of the most controversial of all issues that have been discussed over the years. The topic has received extensive media coverage and has contributed to multiple media scandals. According to a Newsweek report done in 2011, women are more likely to be assaulted by fellow soldiers than killed in combat. The Department of Defense estimates approximately 19,000 sexual assaults occur per year amongst military personnel. That number is stifling considering

  • Sexual Assault in the Military

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    invade the bars, have a good time, take a girl home, and it is acceptable behavior. What happens after they leave the bar? What happens when she says no? In November of 2013, there were 3,553 reported sexual assault cases (ABC News, 2013). The Military is very diverse. Gender, race, and sexual orientation do not play a role in entry into the military. As colleges have placement tests for students, the military has a test called the ASVAB, Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, which tests