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  • Is It A Serious Problem?

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    happen to anyone at any age, with many suffering from it but not speaking up about it. If not dealt with properly it can lead to numerous mental health problems and in extreme cases even suicide of the victim or others being injured. Thus becoming a serious problem that needs more attention by adults, media, and schools alike. With the advancement in technology and social media becoming a bigger part of these teens lives everyone needs to be educated on a subject like this from young to old. In a quote

  • Serious Trauma

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    Serious Trauma On a boring Wednesday afternoon, I sat in a brightly lit CPR classroom listening to the instructor drone on and on. I began to wonder if I would ever actually need to use these skills. I highly doubted it. The past two years I have worked at the "little-kid-infested" North Fork Swimming Pool, where there have been absolutely no emergencies. A bloody nose or a stubbed toe here or there but never any serious traumas. These skills that I thought were so useless were put to the

  • Serious Sam

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    Serious Sam You've seen the movies and the screenshots. Now find out the story behind one of the best FPS games in ages. From the start (which is completely different than the original public demo), Serious Sam makes no mistake in stating its intentions. It's an FPS game with basically no storyline, no character development and no NPC interaction. It is, however, one of the most fun FPS games we've played in ages. The gameplay is pure adrenaline and the level and enemy design are both

  • It's Not That Serious

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    In today’s society, people can spend over half their lifetime engaged in relationships with one another. As humans, we are biologically drown towards each other and ultimately strive for an everlasting bond and commitment in marriage. When growing from an adolescent into adulthood, there are certain terms which no longer are suitable to refer to the opposing figure in a relationship. An adult male should not address his female counterpart by the term girl but of a title of maturity and sophistication

  • Plagiarism: A Serious Crime

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    Plagiarism: A Serious Crime Plagiarism is a serious crime and should be treated seriously by anyone who chooses to plagiarize. Plagiarism should not be treated lightly and is something that needs to be thought about thoroughly before anyone decides that he or she wants to plagiarize. It is nothing needs to be ignored or brushed off like itðs nothing and the person can get away with it. People spend too much time thinking, writing, experimenting or working for someone

  • Serious Games and Learning

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    Contents Serious games 2 Common game attributes 4 Serious games and Learning: 6 Who uses serious games? 7 Games in higher education: 7 Games in schools: 8 Meeting the needs of today’s learner 9 Let the games begin 10 Conclusion: 11 Description of a learning artifact: 12 Construct a model: 13 Discussion of learning artifact: 15 References 17 Serious games Serious games refers to video and computer games which are designed mainly for the purpose not for purely

  • Plagiarism Is A Serious Problem

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    Plagiarism, which is taking information word from another person 's as your own, is a serious problem in academics. According to Todd Pettigrew, “ plagiarism carries exceedingly heavy penalties, often expulsion and perhaps some kind of public shaming ritual.”(Dec 13, 2010). Both Seneca College (Academic Honesty, n.d) and York University (Academic Honesty, Feb 2, 2011) , have similarities and differences rule from plagiarism. For instance, each school is similar in terms of standards about plagiarism

  • How serious Depression is

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    (Davis). I have personal experience with depression and i agree one hundred percent with the quotation above. Even though some people would think that depression is just an emotion and can be changed no matter how bad it is, depression is a very serious illness, for example, about 105 americans take their lives everyday and suicide is one of the top causes of death in the United States. Some people think that depression is just an emotion, that you can just get over it, but it isn't that easy

  • Bullying Is A Serious Issue

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    In the past few years bullying has become a serious issue not only in the United States, but worldwide. The amount of bullying that occurs throughout schools, workplace environments, etc. is at an all-time high. Bullying takes a huge negative toll on its victims, which can lead to very traumatic incidents. On October 8th, 2014 a tragedy occurred for a mom when she walked in on her 13 year old son hanging from a ceiling fan unresponsive. The young boy name was Peyton James and he was from Georgetown

  • Homelessness : A Serious Problem

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    Homelessness is a serious problem in our society and it is sad in this 21st century we are having this issue. Every night as we sleep comfortably in our beds, our nation has thousands of people in the streets with no food to eat and no place to sleep. Look around; there are no doubts about why some would think this is serious issue? They are on the streets, at school grounds, at the bus stops. In many cases the homeless people in our country are treated as total outcasts or as if they are not human