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  • The Job Of A Screenplay

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    The job of a screenplay is to establish many different aspects of a movie, including tone, dialog and narrative structure. A screenplay is a constant juggling act that must keep all of these aspects in balance, obviously there are some films that do this better than others. A rather unique film that handles each of these aspects well is writer/director Steve De Jarnatt’s Miracle Mile (1988). This film is truly one of a kind and how it pulls it off is something of a miracle. It’s the story of a man

  • The Princess Bride Screenplay

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    William Goldman made a number of changes in the development of The Princess Bride screenplay. The changes Goldman were not subtle, because when you transform a book into a movie there are major adaptations that must be made for a movie to be successful. The changes may affect the quality of the movie in comparison to the novel. This report is going explain the three most significant changes and how these affected our view and appreciation of the story. The most significant difference between the

  • Writing Screenplays: Original and Adaptations

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    When discussing the writing of screenplays, regardless of genre, they can be broken into two different categories: original and adaptations. With screenplays that are adaptations, their faithfulness to their literary source is divided into three degrees: loose, faithful, and literal. Audience members that are fans of the original literary source often dislike loose adaptation, because directors stray so far from the original piece. Furthermore, fans of original novels often think they want a

  • Screenplay Excerpt from Nightmares

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    Screenplay Excerpt from Nightmares SCENE 4: INT. ABANDONED BUILDING - NIGHT [Nightmare sequence: Angelica steps forward, her flashlight flickering in the darkness of the cluttered room. Her feet trip over a broken chair, she falls to the ground with a dull thud. Her flashlight slips out of her grasp, and rolls away. It skitters to a stop several feet away, next to a man. He lays face down on the floor, his eyes lifeless. Blood pools out of the wound in his throat. She screams. Angelica scrambles

  • Screenplay Written for My Final

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    The setting is a vast stage. In the middle of the stage is a large television screen, there are also two segmented rooms on the stage. It is a television set, there are camera men, crew members and action going on everywhere backstage. [Lauren the host speaks into her earpiece] Lauren: Who do we have today? Prospero and Faustus? Pronounce that again. Faust-us, got it. No I haven't had a time to read the whole thing but it should be fine. Whats that quote? Often, for undaunted courage, fate spares

  • Romeo and Juliet: Comparing Original Screenplay and Film (Movie)

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    Romeo and Juliet - Comparing Original Screenplay and Film (Movie)         Films are made with the directors different personal opinions based on the original screenplay.  For the movie version of Romeo + Juliet (1996), the quote above illustrates this perfectly.  For this essay, I will discuss contrasts between the original screenplay, and the film.  I will be discussing plot changes to adapt to the movie's visual capabilities, changes to the time-frame of the script

  • Review of the Screenplay The Sixth Sense by M. Night Shyamalan

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    Going through screenplays, I was at a stalemate as I had never seen a screenplay before. I was put off by the writing, and the contents tried all of my ideas of what good writing is supposed to be. After reviewing all of the background information for the rules and structure of screenplay writing, I came to understand the differences between the writing style of novels in comparison to screenplay writing. Screenplay writers are put to the task of writing a highly visual story, that should contain

  • The Fault Of The Stars By Josh Boone With Screenplay By Scott Neustadter And Michael Weber

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    order to survive and stay alive. However, some people have to face the reality that their life is going to end sooner than expected and the mentality of survival changes to just living. The film, The Fault in Our Stars, directed by Josh Boone with screenplay by Scott Neustadter and Michael Weber, features star crossed lovers Augustus Waters (Ansel Elgort) and Hazel Lancaster (Shailene Woodley) who have to live their life knowing they are going to die of cancer. The two teenagers spend their lives living

  • The Drama Filled Romantic Comedy Directed By Robert Zemeckis And Screenplay By Eric Roth

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    Academy Award Winner for Best Picture star Tom Hanks portrays the good-hearted but everlasting challenged man that deals with vast life changing dramatic problems, Forrest Gump. The drama-filled romantic comedy was directed by Robert Zemeckis and screenplay written by Eric Roth. In the film, Zemeckis illustrates Forrest as a guy that describes several messages from life lessons on love to the responsibility of ethics. A portion of the viewers may find Forrest Gump as a trivial movie while others pose

  • Willy Russell's Use of Devices to Invite the Audience to Sympathize with Shirley in the Screenplay Shirley Valentine

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    Shirley Valentine, a story about a middle-aged house-wife whose life couldn’t be more mundane; she has no one but the wall to talk to. Shirley Valentine, written by Willy Russell, is one of his most famous screenplays. This essay will look at how Russell invites the audience to sympathise with Shirley through his use of language, ideas and themes, the effects of dramatic devices and characters in the play. Russell uses characters and their actions to invite us to feel sympathy for Shirley. The