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  • rush city

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    RUSH CITY PRISON 1.     It is a correctional facility 2.     In 1994 the Minnesota legislature appropriated funds for a new correctional facility in or close to the twin cities. Rush city was selected from many spots in or around the twin cities. In 1996 construction began. Thoughtful, innovative design was a tremendous difference in the cost of the prison, thinking of space requirements and how many workers would be required to run the facility safely. 3.     89 million dollars of an

  • Rush Of The Gold Rush

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    During the late 1850’s to the early 1860’s, multiple gold rushes occurred. The Oregon Gold rush happened in the 1850’s. Then the Pikes Peak Gold Rush happened in the 1850’s. People went to find gold in Colorado and Oregon because they wanted to strike rich. Also, people that didn't have a lot of money, saw this as an opportunity to become more wealthy. So most people ended up trying to go and strike it rich. So people found the “hot spots”, and others found the “crap spots”. The creeks near Jacksonville

  • Rush Limbaugh

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    Rush Limbaugh Rush Limbaugh has shaped himself, intentionally or not, into quite a controversial political entertainer. The mere subject of what he speaks on creates an obvious divide in the politically interested population. The subjects of his radio show, his newsletter, and formerly his TV show, can be labeled as political interests. That is, absolutely anything the federal government, as a political entity, involves itself and/or the country in. For the most part though, Rush would likely

  • Rush Limbaugh

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    Rush Limbaugh Rush Limbaugh has done much more than just change the style of talk radio, he has become somewhat of a political leader for many Americans. He has been the type of spokesman many people have been looking for. “Why am I being called the most dangerous man in America?” Limbaugh asks his listeners. “ Because I am right, and I enjoy being right.” (June 3, 1995, The Philadelphia Inquirer) Rush has caused people to change their views of the country and it's political leaders. He's had many

  • Gold Rush And War

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    A gold rush leads to war The American Civil War (1861-1865) and the Reconstruction period that followed were the bloodiest chapters of American history to date. Brother fought brother as the population was split along sectional lines. The issue of slavery divided the nation's people and the political parties that represented them in Washington. The tension which snapped the uneasy truce between north and south began building over slavery and statehood debates in California. In 1848, settlers discovered

  • Gold Rush

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    in California, saw opportunity in the situation. After buying every pick axe, pan, and shovel in the region, Brannan ran through the streets holding up a bottle of gold dust shouting about the gold strike. “It was a masterstroke that would spark the rush for gold and make Brannan the richest man in California” ( In 1849 thousands of people from all around the world left their families and...

  • Gold Rush Paper

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    creeks ran red with the blood of men and women defending their claims or ceding their bags of gold dust to bandits. The "West" was a ruthless territory during the nineteenth century. With more than enough gold dust to go around early in the Gold Rush, crime was rare, but as the stakes rose and the easily panned gold dwindled, robbery and murder became a part of life on the frontier. The "West" consisted of outlaws, gunfighters, lawmen, whores, and vigilantes. There are many stories on how the

  • California Gold Rush

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    California Gold Rush: by Lauren Burt James Wilson Marshall was a skilled carpenter trained by his wheelwright father in New Jersey. Marshall was building a sawmill for California land developer John Sutter in Coloma Valley near Sacramento when he observed something glittering in the new millrace that had been allowed to flow overnight. He described the nugget as "half the size and shape of a pea." "It made my heart thump," he later recalled, "for I was certain it was gold." Examining the nugget

  • Alaskas Gold Rush

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    The gold rush era in the United States began in California in 1848 and ended around the year 1900. (Yukon) Although miners searched for the valuable metal into the twentieth century, the Klondike gold rush, which was around 1897 till 1900, was the last of some of the major rushes to occur. People had flocked to the upper part of the Yukon River in hopes of striking it rich. Many people had traveled from the Canadian and American regions to the center of the Klondike gold rush to fulfill their dreams

  • The Carolina Gold Rush

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    the term “Gold Rush”? The 1849 gold rush in California? As most folks do, when I think of the term “Gold Rush”, it conjures up images of the West! Images of cowboys and crusty old miners ruthlessly and savagely staking their claims. Immigrants coming by boat, folks on foot, horseback, and covered wagon form all over the US to rape and pillage the land that was newly acquired from Mexico through the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo… California. But let me tell you about a gold rush of another kind