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    reading these novels is that the protagonist of the story is growing and changing throughout the novel in many ways. Many of these changes are results of conflicts, which most teens face throughout their lives. In Boys Life, by Robert McCammon, and The Chocolate War, by Robert Cormier, the male protagonist encounter many conflicts, in which most teens can relate to in everyday life. These two books are examples of bildungsromans because both, Cory and Jerry change throughout the novel because of their

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    Deaf President Now is the protest movement that happened in 1988. This protest was labeled as the “ Civil Rights Movement of the Deaf.” The DPN movement was and still is a huge monumental mark at Gaulladet. Leaders and supporters of the Deaf community urged the Board Of Trustees to elect the first deaf president.What really enraged the students is the message behind the board’s selection “ no deaf person was qualified enough to head their own school.” Spilman also stated “Deaf people aren’t able

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